Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
-- Mike Wickett

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April 2019 Psychic Festival: Workshops


92 Seminars! All workshops take place on the lower level and are Free & One-Hour unless otherwise noted. Workshops with fees are paid for in the seminar room as you walk in. Donations, where indicated, are appreciated but not mandatory for admittance.

For a printable condensed version of this schedule, please click HERE.

For a printable expanded and detailed version of this schedule, please click HERE.    



11 a.m. Sat.


A.  Blessing Your Home with Angelic Energy - Tina Michelle. (Room 101)

B.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks, GSL Monastery. (Suggested donation $10.) (Room 110)

C.  Gala Mediumship Demonstration - Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina. Messages for audience members featuring objects inspired by Spirit. (Room 103-104)

D.  Relationships from a Soul Perspective - Soul Families, Soul Mates, Twin Flames & More - Irina Grundler. (Room 102)

E.  Animal Communication - How & Why We Talk To Our Pets - Liz Madsen. (Room 107-108)

F.  Clearing Ancestral & Past Life Energies to Create the Life You Desire - Leslie Fonteyne. (Room 105)
G.  Connect to Your Divine Self:  A Guided Meditation - Tracy Butler-Martinez. (Room 109)


Noon Sat.


A.  Journeying Between the Worlds: Native American Teachings & Practices - Eagle Skyfire. (2 Hours, $20.) (Room 101)

B.  Past Life Regression - Cindy Riggs. Experience a past lifetime! (Room 103-104)

C.  Astrology Forecast for Every Sign - Pam Gallagher, Midwest School of Astrology. (Room 110)

D.  Channeled Messages From the Universe – Beverly McChesney. (Room 105)

E.  Master Your Personal Psychic Energies - Lyra. Learn how to close energy leaks and strengthen your energy. (Room 107-108)

F.  Crystals & the Art of Creation - Sandy Wilcox. (Room 109)

G.  Energy Work for Self-Healing - Marilyn Lottman, CHEP. A 50 slide lecture. (Room 102)

H.  Plant Medicine through the Wheel of the Year - Lynn Zukowski. (Room 106)

1 p.m. Sat.


A.  Lessons from Star People - Jeff Becker, author, Paths to Contact: True Stories from the Contact Underground. (2 Hours, Donation.) (Room 110)

B.  The 10 Key Secrets to Intuition - Lisa K. (Room 103-104)

C.  Crystal & Tibetan Bowls Meditation Concert - Ron Esposito. (Room 109)

D.  Mediumship in Paranormal Investigations - Scotty Rorek. (Room 107-108)

E.  Pyramids – Tools for Manifestation - Pari Patri. (Room 102)

F.  How to Use a Pendulum for Dowsing - Felicia Weinstein. (Room 105)

G.  Experience Flower Essences for Spiritual Healing - Aimee Zimmerman. (Room 106) 

2 p.m. Sat.


A.  Gallery Demonstration of Mediumship - Rev. Marjorie Rivera Kain & Susan Averre. (Room 103-104)

B.  2019: Year of the Pig - Your Year to Break Through to Financial Freedom! - Trish McKinnley. (Room 105)

C.  Introduction to Meditation - C. B. Bjork. Learn the basics of meditation. Free CD with 3 guided meditations! (Room 107-108)

D.  Your Barriers to the Law of Attraction: Tear Down Your Walls without Selling Your Soul - Larry Watson, author of The Art of Victory. (Room 102)

E.  Spiritual Alchemy: Activating the Light Body - Jeremy E. McDonald. (Room 101) 

F.  How to Grow Your Soulful Business: 3 Keys - Angela Anderson. Attract clients, income, and make a difference on the planet. (Room 106)

3 p.m.  Sat.


A.  Soulful Breathwork - Lynn Tisza. Learn how your breath can be a vehicle for healing and transformation. (2 Hours, $20.) (Room 107-108)

B.  When Kids See Dead People - Thomas Freese. Children can experience invisible friends, past lives, ghosts, orbs, fairy folk and more. (Room 105)

C.  Protection with Archangel Michael - Christine Alexandria. (Room 103-104)

D.  Egyptian Goddess Astrology for Every Sign - Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris. Learn which Egyptian goddess rules your sign and what her powers are. (Room 110)

E.  Healing - Chuck Reynolds. A demonstration of individual and group healing. (Room 106)

F.  Forgiving & Releasing to Become Divine - Adrianna Rochelle. (Room 101)

G.  How Posture & Pain Affect Your Body - Chantell Havens. (Room 102)

4 p.m.  Sat.


A.  Intuition for Teenagers - Willow Niemela. (Room 103-104)
B.  Pleasure Hypnosis for Permanent Powerful Change – Bob Heitker. (Room 105)
C.  Learn How to Play the Native American Flute - Douglas Blue Feather. Flutes provided. (Room 110)
D.  Jesus & the French Connection - Heidi Bright, MDiv. (Room 101)
E.  Energy Clearing & Intention Setting - Shaheen Miro, author of The Lunar Nomad Oracle. (Room 109)
F.  Chinese Pulse Diagnosis as a Guide to Herbal Therapy - Dr. Peter Sheng. (Room 102)
G.  Essential Oils: Nature's Pharmaceuticals - Ryan Dietz. (Room 106)

5 p.m.  Sat.


A.  Experience Reiki Healing! - Patricia Garry & Reiki Masters. (Room 101)

B.  Uniting in the Light: The Alchemy of Spiritual Transformation – Sheikha Maryam Kabeer. (Room 102)
C.  The Galactic Federation & Me: Stepping Into the Intergalactic Community – Kimiya Kaluba. (Room 110)

D.  Light Language Channeling – Akela Charlie Cox. (Room 105)

E.  Accessing 5th Dimensional Consciousness - Shari Lynn. (Room 103-104)

F.  A Quick Healing Method: LIIFT - Brian Eastman. (Room 106)





11 a.m.  Sun.


A.  Iridology – What Your Eyes Reveal - Debby Solomon. (Room 105)

B.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks of the GSL Monastery. (Suggested donation $10.) (Room 110)

C.  Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs & Manifest Your Reality - Pari Patri. (Room 102)

D.  The Great Invocation - Mark Long, Share International. Experience the spiritual energies of this potent service mantram. (Room 101)

E.  Living Ascension - Maintaining Stability during Intense Frequency Waves of Light - Sarah Schweitzer. (Room 106)

Noon Sun.

A.  Ask A Paranormal Investigator! - Ashlee St. Denis & Spiritual Realm Paranormal Investigators. With equipment and video footage analysis. (2 Hours, Free.) (Room 110)

B.  Past-Life Gifts - Joanne Franchina. Includes a group regression. (Room 101)

C.  Dream Interpretation is Easy & Fun! - Patti Rippe. (Room 107-108)

D.  Messages from Loved Ones: Experience a Spiritualist Church Services - Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck & USCL (United Spiritualists of the Christ Light) Church. (Room 103-104)

E.  Your Barriers to the Law of Attraction: Tear Down Your Walls Without Selling Your Soul - Larry Watson, author of The Art of Victory. (Room 102)

F.  Live Channeling of the Orion Council – Matt Peffly. (Room 105)

G.  Tarot 101 - Joe Estes. (Room 109)

H.  Music of the Planets - Healing Within the Temple - Amy Auset Rohn. (Room 106)

1 p.m. Sun.


A.  Creating a Personal Sacred Sanctuary - Eagle Skyfire. (Room 101)

B.  Bringing Spirit to Life: A Demonstration of Mediumship & Spirit Portraiture - Janette Kaye & Chad Seibert. Spirit messages with drawings of loved ones. (Room 103-104)

C.  Power Animals: Optimizing Your Intuition the Natural Way - Trish McKinnley. (Room 107-108)

D.  Connect with Cosmic Energy – Mayan Fire Priests Patricia Morris Cardona, APRN, & Daniel J. Cardona, M.D. Movement and standing meditations for grounding and connecting. (Room 105)
E.  Easy 1 and 2 Minute Meditation Practices - Chuck Reynolds. (Room 102)
F.  Crystals – The Pathway to Healing - Jean Tindle. (Room 106)

2 p.m. Sun.


A.  Ask A Psychic - Victor Paruta. Mini-readings from the founder of Victory of Light. (Room 103-104)

B.  Reconnect with One of Your Past Lives - Consuelo Cassotti. (Room 107-108)

C.  The Secrets & Magic of Palmistry & Numerology - Marsha Cook & Heidi Kent. (Room 102)

D.  Ancestral Clearing - Mary Bannon. (Room 101)

E.  Tuning Forks, Sound Frequencies & Health: Tune Up Your Whole Self – Carol Gailey. (Room 106) 

F.  Stages of the Divine Feminine: Wisdom of the Crone - Francine Haydon, Robin Stapp & Monica Vance.  (Room 105)

G.  Essential Oil Safety - Kathi Wilcox. (Room 109)

H.  Regenerative Detoxification: Remove Physical & Energetic Blockages to Healing - Emily Vargas. (Room 110)

3 p.m.  Sun.


A.  Hearing Voices & Other Extreme Psychic Phenomena – Tom Polson. (2 Hours, Free.) (Room 107-108)

B.  Dolphin Wisdom: A Live Channeling - Nada Maibach. Nada will channel a dolphin from Atlantis. Messages and Q&A. (Room 105)

C.  Astrology Messages for Every Sign - Diane Marie Goetz. (Room 103-104)

D.  Spiritual Alchemy: Activating the Light Body - Jeremy E. McDonald. (Room 101)

E.  Psychics Unite: First Ohio Meeting! - Terri Rorek. This isn't a class; it’s a chance to connect with like-minded people. (Room 109)

F.  Animal Communication – Linda Roberts. Connect in a deeper, energetic way, with practice session. (Room 102)
G.  Living a Transformed Life: Alignment Is Where It’s At! – Gary Pekoe. (Room 110)
H.  Balancing Our Hormones Naturally - Lyn Hogrefe. (Room 106)

4 p.m. Sun.


A.  Personal Tarot Reading - Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden. Bring your tarot deck if you can! (Room 101)

B.  Money, Magic & Manifestation - Angie Clark. (Room 102)

C.  Channeling: The Lord Speaks - Wendy of the Way. (Room 105)

D.  Who Are You? Understanding & Freeing Yourself of Pain, Trauma & Fear - Jimi Merk. (Room 110)

E.  Lift the Veils that Hold You Back - Hailey Hinson. (Room 106)

5 p.m. Sun.


A.  Why On Earth Am I Here? A Crash Course for Star Seeds – Kimiya Kaluba. (Room 101)
B.  Connecting to the Soul Star for True Life Purpose - Brecka Burton. (Room 102)



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