What comes from the heart goes to the heart.
-- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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 Victory of Light Expo
 April 7 & 8, 2018
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April 2018 Psychic Festival: Workshops

November 17 & 18, 2019 Seminars & Workshops:

90 Seminars! All seminars are FREE & one hour unless otherwise noted.

Two hour workshops with fees: pay at seminar as you walk in.

Printable Seminar Schedule Short Version - Click Here.
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Please check back for changes.



11 a.m. Sat.


A.  The Secret Language of Angels - Tina Michelle. www.tinamichelle.com 


B.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks, GSL Monastery. www.gslmonastery.org (Suggested donation $10.)


C.  The SoulPhone: Who Would YOU Call? - Dr. Mark Pitstick. Learn about a brand new spirit-communication technology. www.SoulProof.com 

D.  Spirit Messages for Everyone - Rose Vanden Eynden, Joanne Franchina and Mediumship Mastery Program graduates.
www.vandeneynden.biz, www.yourinnercompass.com 


E.  Healing With Herbal Teas - Lynn Zukowski. www.BlueLakeBotanicals.com 


F.  Spirit & Animal Guides: Who Are They & Why Are They With You? - Liz Madsen. www.revlizmadsencnhprmt.vpweb.com 



Noon Sat.


A.  12th & 13th Dimensional Star Knowledge - Chief Golden Light Eagle. www.starknowledgetv.com  (2 Hours, Free.)


B.  Ask Your Soul About Ten Areas Of Your Life - Dr. Mark Pitstick.  www.SoulProof.com (2 Hours, $20, includes a CD for home use.)


C.  Past Life Regression - Cindy Riggs. Experience a past lifetime! www.CindyRiggs.com 


D.  Astrology Forecast for Every Zodiac Sign: Uranus in Taurus - Pam Gallagher, Midwest School of Astrology. www.midwestschoolofastrology.com 


E.  Boundaries: How to Avoid Being An Energetic Sponge - Lyra. www.subtleenergyskills.com 


F.  Introduction to Tarot - Rev. Joe Estes. www.paganpresence.com


G.  Master Crystals:  Unlock the 12 Alchemical Laws of the Universe - Sandy Wilcox. www.oursacredconnections.com  


H.  Essential Oils for the Holidays with Free Sample - Ryan Dietz, Natural Options Aromatherapy.  www.naturaloptions.us



1 p.m. Sat.


A.  Fully Human, Fully Divine - Craig Holliday, author. Explore and experience what it means to be both Divine and Human. craigholliday.com  


B.  Free Psychic Readings for Members of the Audience - Diana Rankin. www.dianarankin.com 


C.  The Wild Side of the Other Side – Julie Rieger. Author of The Ghost Photographer. A Hollywood executive’s true story of discovering the real world of make believe. thejulri@gmail.com


D.  You Can Interpret Your Dreams! - Patti Rippe. www.pattirippe.com 


E.  Learn How To Use A Pendulum - Felicia Weinstein. www.transitionshealingcenter.com


F.  Chinese Pulse Diagnosis - Dr. Peter Sheng. Using pulse pattern diagnosis to guide herbal therapy. www.petersheng.com



2 p.m. Sat.  


A.  The True Story of Jesus and his Wife Mary Magdalena - David Young Event.  www.DavidYoungMusic.com (2 Hours, $20 in advance, $25 at the door.)

B.  Effective Psychic Protection - Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Protect yourself from psychic attack, psychic vampirism and dream invasion from both people and entities. www.visionaryliving.com (2 Hours, $20.)


C.  Gallery Demonstration of Mediumship - Rev. Marjorie Rivera Kain & Susan Averre. www.revmarjorierivera.com,  http://www.mediumatlarge.com 


D.  How to Make Contact with Star People - Jeff Becker, author, Paths to Contact: True Stories from the Contact Underground. www.pathstocontact.org 


E.  What is My Life Purpose? - Cindy and Michael Fess. www.getharmonynow.com


F.  Ten Daily Practices for Inner Beauty – Sudhir Shah. www.ombotanical.com     


G.  The Art of Victory with the Law of Attraction: A Pathway to Personal Peace When Your World Goes Crazy - Larry Watson, author of The Art of Victory. www.PathwayConsult.com

H.  CBD - The History and Mystery of Hemp and Hops – Dr. Roger A. Boger, Author, International Speaker and Trusted Wellness Authority. www.healinginspirationscenter.com

3 p.m. Sat.


A.  Voices, Visions & Other Unusual or Extreme Experiences – Tom Polson. Learn about these paranormal experiences and what might be causing them. www.HearingVoicesUSA.org (2 Hours, Free.)


B.  Mediumship Demonstration Including Signs a Departed Loved One is Near - Adrianna Rochelle. www.mysticconnections.com


C.  Paranormal Investigating 101 - Ashlee St. Denis, Spiritual Realm Paranormal Investigators. www.spiritualrealmconsulting.net


D.  Manifest Your Dream Life with Archangel Haniel - Christine Alexandria. http://AngelChatter.com/ 


E.  Re-Membering Osiris, Egyptian God of the Dead - Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris.  www.normandiellis.com 


F.  Amish Herbal Healing - Amos Snider. www.amossnider.com



4 p.m. Sat.


A.  How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities - Jimi Merk. www.shineyourlightwellness.com 


B.  Deepening Your Relationship with Your Higher Power - Including an Ancient Hawaiian Technique - Marilyn Kaiser. mrkaiser2011@hotmail.com 


C.  Personal Stories of Life on the Other Side by The Ascended Master Saint Germain - Jane Halliwell-Green. www.janehalliwell.com 


D.  Self Massage Techniques & Stretching for Pain Relief - Chantell Brooks. www.healingtouchmassagelmt.com 


E.  Seeing Your Inner Gifts and Inner Truth – Ken Bentley. www.crosspathwayshealing.com 


F.  Creating A Shamanic Mandala for Meditation and Healing - Barbara Ilari. www.integrativeshamanism.com


G.  Balancing Our Hormones Naturally - Lyn Hogrefe. www.happyhormonecottage.com



5 p.m. Sat.


A.  Heart Link with Your Angels - Brecka Burton. ahealersplace@gmail.com

B.  Experience Reiki! - Patricia Garry & Reiki Masters. www.patriciagarry.com 


C.  Learn How to Play the Native American Flute - Douglas Blue Feather. Flutes provided. www.douglasbluefeather.com 


D.  LIIFT Group Healing Session - Brian Eastman. www.liift.info 


E.  Shifting into Higher States of Consciousness - Shari Lynn. www.cosmichealingdiscs.com 


F.  Ancestral Healing - Mary Bannon. www.divineheartconnections.com 





11 a.m. Sun.


A.  Singing Bowls: How To Integrate Receptivity - Kathleen Calby. www.re-soundingjoy.com  Singing bowls have been used for centuries to enhance meditation, relax the body, and harmonize our natures to a universal consciousness.


B.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks of the GSL Monastery. www.gslmonastery.org  (Suggested donation $10.) 


C.  Light Body Ascension:  Coping With The Ever-Shifting Frequencies - Sarah Schweitzer. www.starlightconnection.com 

D.  Messages & Guidance from Maitreya, the Teacher for the Age of Aquarius - Mark Long, Share International. www.Share-International.org 


E.  Detoxification 101 - Debby Solomon. www.nurturedbymothernature.com  

H.  How to Turn Your Inner-Fire into Real-World Manifesting Magic - Shaheen Miro. www.shaheenmiroinsights.com 


Noon Sun.


A.  12th & 13th Dimensional Star Knowledge - Chief Golden Light Eagle. Chief Golden Light Eagle is a Sundance Chief, Hereditary Chief, and a member of the Ihunktowan Band of the Yankton Sioux Nation of South Dakota. www.starknowledgetv.com  (2 Hours, Free.)


B.  Messages from Loved Ones:  Experience a Spiritualist Church Services - Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck & USCL (United Spiritualists of the Christ Light) Church. www.USCL.org


C.  Everyday Intuition - JoanneFranchina.  www.yourinnercompass.com 


D.  Chakra Balancing for Blissful Pets - Jeanna Billings. Yes!  Animals have chakras too! 



E.  Darkness: Cleanse & Protect Yourself from Hauntings & Attachments - Angie Clark. www.angiesmallhealer.com 


F.  Crystal Grids to Create Change - Jean Tindle. www.spiritdancercrystals.com 


G.  Introducing CBD - Rose-Anne Cross. www.holistichealingcbd.com



1 p.m. Sun.


A.  Interdimensional Paraphysical Sasquatch – Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Compelling evidence exists pointing to Sasquatch as an interdimensional or paraphysical being rather than a “lost” Earth species. www.visionaryliving.com

B.   Fully Human Fully Divine - Craig Holliday. craigholliday.com 

C.  Mediumship Readings: Journey to the Other Side - Chad Seibert & Karen Kenny. www.cincinnatimedium.com, www.bzangel8.com 


D.  Healing & The Music of Your Name - Amy Auset Rohn. How numerology, music and the sound of your name bring healing to your soul. www.thegoddessinside.com


E.  Mystery of Celtic Art - Thomas Freese. Artist Thomas Freese has worked with Celtic designs for 30 years and will give an introduction and teach some basic designs.  www.ThomasLFreese.com


F.  Connecting With Source and Manifesting Synchronicities - Chuck Reynolds. www.attunementactivation.com 


G.  Essential Oil Safety -  Their Power, Purpose & Precautions - Regina Bauscher. www.honeysweetieacres.com



2 p.m. Sun.


A.  Ask A Psychic - Victor Paruta. Mini-readings for the audience from the founder of Victory of Light.  www.victorparuta.com  


B.  How Your Past Life Affects Your Current Life - with Past Life Regression - Consuelo Cassotti.. www.balancevolution.com  (2 Hours, Donation.)


C.  Etiquette of Energy - C. B. Bjork. Increase consciousness of energy connections. www.cbbjork.com 


D. The Magic of the Cannabis Plant - Laura Noble. www.ljseedco.com 


E.  Get Your Book Started - Christina Young. www.getyourbookstarted.com


F.  Everyday Spirituality:  How to Make Room for a Spirit Led Life - Stephanie Smith. www.myoraclepath.com 


G.  Working with the Elementals: Faeries, Salamanders, Undines and Gnomes  - Francine Haydon & Robin Stapp.   www.foresthouseofhealing.com     


H.  Fundamentals of Electro- Magnetics for Health - Yasmine Ariel. www.QuantumPerformanceUSA.com 



3 p.m. Sun.


A.  Live Channeling: Mother Mary Speaks on Aligning with the Divine Feminine - Nada Maibach. Messages and Q&A. www.nadachannel.com


B.  Intuition Development Workshop - Kimberly Thomas. Learn techniques for "on demand intuition." www.kimberlysspiritualsessions.com (2 Hours, $20.) 


C.  You Are A Healer – Claim Your Gift - Carroll Kinkade. carrollkinkade@yahoo.com


D.  Living a Transformed Life:  Enjoying the River! - Gary Pekoe PhD. www.ailiewellness.com 


E.  Waking Up from the Matrix - Rev. Tracie Redden-Frick. traciefrick@ymail.com 


F.  Messages from Heaven with Crystal Cards - Maria Celeste. www.center4creativehealing.com 


4 p.m. Sun.


A.  Wild Woman Project Circle Experience - Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden. Honor your connection to the divine feminine in this experiential circle featuring meditation and intention-setting for a new you. www.vandeneynden.biz  


B.  Channeling: The Lord Speaks - Wendy of the Way. Come to a live question and answer session with the Lord. www.thelordspeaks.weebly.com, www.hearthelordspeak.blogspot.com 


C.  Asherah, the Hebrew Goddess - Elisheva Nesher. www.primitivehebrews.org


D.  5 Steps to Eliminating Stress - Marsha Cook & Heidi Kent. www.kentcookinstitute.com 



5 p.m. Sun.


A.  Regenerative Detoxification:  Remove Physical & Energetic Blockages to Healing - Emily Vargas. www.evwellness.net


B.  Fairies In Our Everyday Life – Barry Gilmer. barrywhitecrow@gmail.com


C.  Manifesting Your Best Life – Beth Roszman. www.TheIntuitiveSolution.com 




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