Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
-- Mike Wickett

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 Victory of Light Expo
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April 2018 Psychic Festival: Vendors


A Design by Lindaa

Booth 14, 15


A1 Aura Photo & Chakras

Booth 103


Above N Beyond Psychics Kathy Garbe & Doreen Cote

Booth 900


Adrianna Rochelle, Mystic Connections

Booth 108


Ailie Wellness Center - Discovery, Empowerment, Transformation

Booth 706


AmazMinerals Skin Care

Booth 982


Amos Snider-Spiritual Center of Peace

Booth 227


Amy Auset Rohn

Booth 807


Andie Hollis, Radiant Beginnings / Jenny Gustin & Mike Felix Doterra Pure Essential Oils

Booth 205, 206


Angel Fioresi, Medium

Booth 205, 206


Angie Clark Psychic & Healer

Booth 910


Art & Readings with Olivia

Booth 432


Aura Photography, Karen & Frank George

Booth 804


Aura Photos by Judy

Booth 911



Booth 627, 707


Best New Age Store

Booth 602, 603


Blue Lake Botanicals

Booth 11


Boo's Trails Psychic & Paranormal Medium

Booth 932


C.B. Bjork

Booth 604


Candy Thomas Gourd Art

Booth 26


Chrysalis Bleu

Booth 228


Conscious Chaos

Booth 914


Consuelo Cassotti, Healer, BalancEvolution, LLC.

Booth 304


Cosmic Healing Discs

Booth 21


Cosmic Lotus Jewery

Booth 626


Cousin Mary Jane & Lady Jane

Booth 980


Cross Pathways Healing

Booth 963


David Young Music

Booth 204


D Johnson Custom Drums

Booth 915, 916


Divine Creations

Booth 527


Divine Temperance

Booth 833


Doreens Channel

Booth 900


Doterra Essential Oils/ The Oils Nurse

Booth 901


Doug Blair

Booth 621


Douglas Blue Feather

Booth 324, 325


Dragonflys Kiss

Booth 983


Electro Magnetic Protection / BEMER

Booth 523


Enchanted Faces by Dalton

Booth 23


Enchanted Moments

Booth 624, 704


Essential Wellbeings

Booth 912


Fairport Hill Jewelry Designs

Booth 931


Foreverwell Centre

Booth 16


Gems By Celestial Dancer

Booth 520, 521, 600, 601


Get Your Book Started

Booth 991


GSL Monastery

Booth 702, 703


Happy Hormone Cottage

Booth 943


Harmony Now

Booth 503


Healing Clay

Booth 953


Healing Inspirations Center

Booth 1013, 1014


Heeter's Haven

Booth 907


Helping Hands of Light

Booth 816


Hemi-Sync/Subtle Energy Skills, LLc

Booth 320


Homestead Used Books

Booth 207


Honey Sweetie Acres, Organic Skin Care

Booth 831


How to Make Contact With Star People

Booth 721


Inner Compass, Joanne Franchina

Booth 400


It's Your Journey

Booth 220


Jaime's Art Pottery

Booth 102


JDK Magnetic Plus

Booth 425, 426


John Michael Thornton & Great Conjunction Spiritual Center

Booth 506


Kaizen Orgonite

Booth 950


Kim Layton, Intuitive Spirit Artworks, Inc.

Booth 606


La Bead Boheme Jewelry, Apparel & The Rapha House

Booth 429


Lapis Lazuli & Aura Photos

Booth 200



Booth 913


Mane Rise Coaching

Booth 990


Mary Kay Originals

Booth 722


Mayan Treasures

Booth 812


Mediumship Mastery Program

Booth 401


Meraki Mood

Booth 17


Midwest School of Astrology / Pam Gallagher, Astrologer

Booth 620


Momentum98 & Relax FIR Sauna

Booth 202


Moona Designs Healing Jewelry

Booth 24


Natural Options Aromatherapy

Booth 321, 322


New Health - Holistic Healing CBD

Booth 821


Ohio Valley Herbal Products

Booth 836


Om Botanical Best Organic Skin Care

Booth 427


Our Sacred Connections

Booth 105, 106, 107


Pagan Presence, Inc.

Booth 902, 903


Patti Rippe

Booth 526



Booth 814


Pleiadian Runecasting Lisa Huff

Booth 991


Psychic Readings by Lauries Seltzer

Booth 1004


Positive Energy T-Shirts
Booth 323


Quantum Tech USA

Booth 940, 941


RA Moonhawk Wands

Booth 22


Red Wolf Sanctuary

Booth 801


Reiki Pottery

Booth 201


Re-Sounding Joy

Booth 701


Rev. Francine Haydon, Sea Angels Cruise, Forest House of Healing

Booth 625


Rev. Normandi Ellis

Booth 807


Roberta Tresslar Spiritual Medium and Artist

Booth 222


Rose Vanden Eynden, Light Journey Enterprises

Booth 402


Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Booth 820


Sacred Journeys Psychics

Booth 323


Sandy Herman - Past Life Readings

Booth 906


Sebastian Rey Skin Awareness

Booth 623


Shadows Glow Skin Care

Booth 622


Shaheen Miro Intuitive Readings

Booth 1012


Share International

Booth 329


Shine Healing Jewelry

Booth 809


Shungite USA and House of Ayurveda

Booth 504


Simply Magical Jewelry

Booth 19


Spirit Dancer Crystals

Booth 607


Spiritual Realm Consulting

Booth 823


Stormwolf Studios

Booth 906


The Biomat Company / VOXX Socks

Booth 815


The Crazy Red Haired Lady

Booth 604


The Crystal Guy

Booth 420, 421, 422, 423


The Grove Apothica

Booth 507


The Healer's Way

Booth 1011


The Oracle Metaphysical Services

Booth 522


The Wizard's Cave


Booth 424



Booth 404


Thomas Freese, Psychic Reader with Tarot & Palm Readings & Past Life Readings

Booth 910



Booth 18


Tigerlily Boutique & Botanica Jewelry, Leather

Booth 915, 916


Transitions Healing Center

Booth 835


Treasures from the Silk Road

Booth 27


True Frequency Products, Jewelry

Booth 408


Two Psychic Chicks

Booth 813


V Trends

Booth 920, 921


Vibrational Sound Massage

Booth 214


Volcanic Origins / Aroma Therapy

Booth 960


Whispering Moon Designs

Booth 209


Wicked Treasure

Booth 905


Within Without Creations

Booth 908



Booth 104


Wrapped to Go! Metaphysical Jewelry

Booth 700


Yamu Creations
Booth 405


Young Living Essential Oils

Booth 327



Booth 12



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