Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
-- Mike Wickett

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 Victory of Light Expo
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April 2018 Psychic Festival: Healers


A1 Aura Photo & Chakras

Booth 103


Access Conciousness / Reiki

Booth 305


Adrianna Lesniak, Mystic Connections

Booth 108


Amos Snider-Spiritual Center of Peace

Booth 227


Andie Hollis, Radiant Beginnings / Jenny Gustin & Mike Felix Doterra Pure Essential Oils

Booth 205, 206


Angie Clark Psychic & Healer

Booth 910


Art & Readings with Olivia

Booth 432


Blanchard Nash, RM. Cht.

Booth 720


Bold Light Energy Healing, Spirit Writing

Booth 327


C.B. Bjork

Booth 604


Chuck Reynolds - Healing

Booth 826


Cindy Riggs, Psychic, Defrag-Mentor

Booth 803


Consuelo Cassotti, Healer, BalancEvolution, LLC.

Booth 304


Cranio Sacral Therapy - Wendi Sexton MPT

Booth 309


Cross Pathways Healing

Booth 963


D Reed

Booth 405


Divine Heart Connections

Booth 409


Dr. Bluehawks Stec, Healer & Reader

Booth 221


Electro Magnetic Protection / BEMER

Booth 523


Energy Healer - Marilyn Lottman, NP-C, CEHP Certified Energy Health Practitioner

Booth 973


Foreverwell Centre

Booth 16


Gypsy SOL

Booth 822


Hands with the Love of Healing, Akashic Record Consultant

Booth 810


Healing Inspirations Center

Booth 1013, 1014


Healing Touch Massage LMT

Booth 802


Hearing Voices Network  

Booth 951


Helping Hands of Light

Booth 816


Hemi-Sync/Subtle Energy Skills, LLc

Booth 320


Integrative Shamanism

Booth 215


Jackie Gardner, Clairvoyant, Medium, Reiki

Booth 822


Kathy Baker / The Souls Journey / Reader - Healer

Booth 970


Kathy Barr, Reader, Healer

Booth 501


Katy Campolongo, Reader

Booth 306


Kim Layton, Intuitive Spirit Artworks, Inc.

Booth 606


Leslie Fonteyne

Booth 407


LIIFT & BFI Healing Demonstrations, Brian Eastman, Practitioner

Booth 13


Mane Rise Coaching

Booth 962


Moona Designs Healing Jewelry

Booth 24


Mother Earth Energy Healing

Booth 952


Nurtured by Mother Nature

Booth 930


Patti Rippe

Booth 526


Peter Sheng M.D. Inc.

Booth 922


Psychic Kristen Hutson

Booth 110


Reflexology Certification Institute

Booth 830


Reiki Center Greater Dayton

Booth 109


Ren'ee & Amlan, Psychics & Massage

Booth 308


Rev. Jane Ph.D, Psychic, Medium, Healer

Booth 213


Sacred Geometry Healer & Reader

Booth 811


Sara the Medium at Enchanted Moments

Booth 705


Sarah Schweitzer, Star Light Connection

Booth 524


Shine Healing Jewelry

Booth 809


Shireen McKenzie, Psychic from India

Booth 301


Simply Magical Jewelry

Booth 19

SoulGlad Coaching, Carol Gailey
Booth 990


Spiritual Journeys

Booth 806


Stephanie Smith

Booth 811


The Etheric Architect - Healing the Auric Energy with Crystals

Booth 972



Booth 404


Thomas Freese, Psychic Reader with Tarot & Palm Readings & Past Life Readings

Booth 910


Transitions Healing Center

Booth 835


True Reiki Cincinnati

Booth 328


Vibrational Sound Massage

Booth 214



Booth 12



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