Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
-- Melody Beattie

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 Victory of Light Expo
 November 18 & 19, 2017
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November 2017 Psychic Festival: Readers

ANIMAL PSYCHICS - November 18 & 19, 2017 Expo

Ann Baumbach, Animal Communicator
Booth 208

Brenda Frazier, Psychic Medium
Booth 300

Diann's Psychic Readings
Booth 502

Elizabeth Barnett
Booth 502

Jeanna Billings, Animal Communicator and Power Animal Intuitive
Booth 824

Laura Moody, Reader
Booth 908

Mary Clouse, Animal Communicator
Booth 501

Nada Maibach, Animal Communicator, Reader
Booth 942

Pagan Presence, Inc.
Booth 902, 903

Psychic Medium Julie
Booth 433.1

Sacred Grounds Psychics & ESP Exchange
Booth 950

Two Psychic Chicks
Booth 813

READERS - November 18 & 19, 2017 Expo

3 Rivers Medium
Booth 228-229

A Mystic's Garden
Booth 961

A1 Aura Photo & Chakras
Booth 103

Above N Beyond Psychics Kathy Garbe & Doreen Cote
Booth 900

Adrianna Lesniak, Mystic Connections
Booth 108

Akashic Record Consultations
Booth 823

Amy Auset Rohn
Booth 807

Andie Hollis, Radiant Beginnings, Jenny Gustin & Mike Felix Doterra Pure Essential Oils
Booth 205, 206

Angel Fioresi, Medium
Booth 205, 206

Angelic Presence by Vicky Lee
Facebook: Angels r Us
Booth 943

Angie Clark Psychic & Healer
Booth 910

Ann Baumbach, Animal Communicator
Booth 208

Becky Ratliff, Soul Connections, Medium
Booth 224

Beth Ann Kennedy, Psychic, Crystal Healer, Crystal Sales
Booth 427

Beth Anne Bennett, Psychic Clairvoyant & Tarot
Booth 505

Beverly Stephan, Mystical Art Readings
Booth 222

Blanchard Nash, RM. Cht.
Booth 720

Boo's Trails Psychic & Paranormal Medium
Booth 932

Brenda Frazier, Psychic Medium
Booth 300

Brenda Savage, Akashic Records Consultations
Booth 824

C.B. Bjork
Booth 405

Carol Borkoski, Angel Medium Readings
Booth 943

Carrie Cox, Intuitive Consulting
Booth 406

Chad Seibert
Booth 825

Cindy Riggs, Psychic, Defrag-Mentor
Booth 803

Clairvoyant Terry Yoder
Booth 725

Cross Pathways Healing
Booth 963

Darragh Hodges, Infinite Wisdom Through Art
Booth 430

Debbie Holley
Booth 1003

Dianne Warren, Psychic Medium & Tarot
Booth 725

Diann's Psychic Readings
Booth 502

Divine Temperance
Booth 833

Donata Glassmeyer, Tarot Readings
Booth 962

Doreens Channel
Booth 900

Dr. Bluehawks Stec, Healer & Reader
Booth 221

Booth 832

Elizabeth Barnett
Booth 502

Ellen Bone, Psychic Palmist
Booth 203

Embrace the Journey
Booth 207

Eric Layman-Infinite Expressions
Booth 211

Gayla Childers, Psychic Medium
Booth 226

Gayle Pelz, Psychic Medium
Booth 203

Guardian-T/ Soul Healing Warrior
Booth 323

Gypsy SOL
Booth 822

Harmony Now
Booth 503

Heidi E. Kent, MA, CM, C.Ht.
Booth 302

Helping Hands of Light
Booth 816 & 833

Hemi-Sync/Subtle Energy Skills, LLc
Booth 970

Holly McCullough
Booth 953

Indigo Lighthouse
Booth 204

Inner Compass, Joanne Franchina
Booth 400

Mediumship Mastery Program
Booth 401

Integrative Shamanism
Booth 215

Jackie Gardner, Clairvoyant, Medium, Reiki
Booth 822

James & Cynthia 21st Century Apostles
Booth 834

Jane Halliwell -Art Speaks to Soul
Booth 993

Jeanna Billings, Animal Communicator and Power Animal Intuitive
Booth 824

John Hoerth, Medium, Clairvoyant
Booth 212

John Michael Thornton & Great Conjunction Spiritual Center
Booth 506

Julianna Kallas, Psychic, Medium, Channeler
Booth 307

Kandy Kendall, Tarot Reading, Medium
Booth 726

Karen Morgan Shamanic Stone Readings
Booth 724

Kathy Barr, Reader, Healer
Booth 501

Kat's Counsel
Booth 605

Katy Campolongo, Reader
Booth 981

Kimberley, Organic Oracle
Booth 525

Kimberly's Spiritual Sessions
Booth 971

Ki-Ri Energy Healing & Sacred Ceremony
Booth 228, 229

Laura Moody, Reader
Booth 908

Les Can Help
Booth 823

Leslie Fonteyne
Booth 409

Light of the SilverMoon
Booth 821

Lynda Forbes, Astrology & Chinese Face Reading
Booth 805

Mare Toebbe
Booth 526

Mary Clouse, Animal Communicator
Booth 501

Mary Frances, Psychic Medium & Reader
Booth 992

Mary Lee Little, Medium, Clairvoyant, Master Tarot Reader
Booth 305

Mary Maass, Reader & Inspired Art
Booth 326

Medium Karen Smith
Booth 981

Michael Schlotterbeck, Reader
Booth 211

Midwest School of Astrology / Pam Gallagher, Astrologer
Booth 620

Mike Mellott, Tarot & Palmistry
Booth 223

Ms. Margo "The Bone Reader"
Booth 800

Nada Maibach, Animal Communicator, Reader
Booth 942

Nancy Campbell, Reader
Booth 1003

Olivia Pierce, Reader and Artist
Booth 432

On Gabrielle's Wings- Kelly Rabah
Booth 726

Pagan Presence, Inc.
Booth 902, 903

Patricia Garry, Celtic Tarot Reader
Booth 208

Patti Rippe
Booth 526

Patty Jodrey, Reader
Booth 825

Psychic Colleen Celeste
Booth 727

Psychic Consultant Polly
Booth 605

Psychic Kristen Hutson
Booth 110

Psychic Medium
Booth 909

Psychic Medium Julie
Booth 433.1

Psychic Medium Lisa Noland-Shalosky
Booth 808

Psychic Readings By Cindy
Booth 108

Booth 723

Reader of The Tarot
Booth 223

Readings by Jan
Booth 821

Ren'ee & Amlan, Psychics & Massage
Booth 308

Rev. Deborah Williams, Medium, Psychic
Booth 505

Rev. Dr. Marsha G. Cook, The Kent-Cook Nook
Booth 302

Rev. Francine Haydon, Sea Angels Cruise, Forest House of Healing
Booth 625

Rev. Jane Ph.D, Psychic, Medium, Healer
Booth 213

Rev. Karen Kenny, Medium, Psychic, Channeler
Booth 525

Rev. Marjoie Rivera
Booth 229, 228

Rev. Normandi Ellis
Booth 807

Reverend Krista Hanson
Booth 522

Rose Vanden Eynden, Light Journey Enterprises
Booth 402

Beth Roszman, Sacred Geometry Healer & Reader
Booth 811

Sacred Grounds & ESP Exchange
Booth 950

Sara the Medium at Enchanted Moments
Booth 705

Sarah Schweitzer, Star Light Connection
Booth 524

Shaheen Miro Intuitive Readings
Booth 1012

Sharon Denny, Angel - Tarot Reader
Booth 909

Sherri Sink, Clairvoyant Medium
Booth 212

Shireen McKenzie, Psychic from India
Booth 301

Spiritual Journeys
Booth 806

Spiritual Tarot
Booth 805

Stephanie Smith
Booth 811

Teryl Botos, Medium, Psychic
Booth 724

The Emerald Box Turtle
Booth 433.2

The Lord Speaks
Booth 431

Thomas Freese, Psychic Reader with Tarot & Palm Readings & Past Life Readings
Booth 910

Tina Michelle, Psychic Medium
Booth 428

Tracie Frick & Liz Madsen
Booth 912

Transitions Healing Center
Booth 835

Two Psychic Chicks
Booth 813

Astrology Reading
Booth 25

Visions, Guided Paintings
Booth 826

Willow Niemela
Booth 942

Psychic Reading by Laurie Seltzer
Booth 1004




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