If you lose the power to laugh,
you lose the power to think.
--Clarence Darrow

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April 2016 Psychic Festival: Workshops

April 9 & 10, 2016 Victory of Light Expo


Seminars are FREE & one hour unless otherwise noted. Please check back for changes.

Admission & Special Event (*) Tickets are available online & at the door, except Dinner with George Noory (7pm Sat.) which requires an advance online ticket. Admission ticket to expo is required to attend the special events except Dinner with George if arriving after 6pm.

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Saturday, April 9

11 am Saturday
A.  Messages & Portraits from Spirit! - Psychic Medium Susan Averre.  www.mediumatlarge.com  (Room 101)

B.  Finding Your Animal Totem - Barry White Crow.  barrydgilmer@aol.com  (Room 102)

C.  Past Lives: Soul Mates, Soul Contracts, Soul Stories - Cindy & Michael Fess.  www.getharmonynow.com  (Room 103)
D.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks, GSL Monastery. Suggested donation $10.  www.gslmonastery.org  (Room 104)

E.  Ask the Soul Doctor About Life, Death & the Afterlife - Dr. Mark Pitstick.  www.soulproof.com  (Room 105)

F.  Essential Oils for Summer - Ryan Dietz, Natural Options Aromatherapy. Attendees will receive a FREE bug-off essential oil blend.  www.naturaloptions.us  (Room 107) 
NOON Saturday

A.  * George Noory, Star of Coast to Coast AM, hosts a Celebrity Panel of Experts for Audience Q & A! (90 Minutes, $29.) Followed by book signing of Talking with the Dead, co-authored by George Noory & Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Tickets available online or at the door if not sold out.  www.coasttocoastam.com  (Room 104 & 105)

B.  How to Give Spirit Messages in Public - with Demonstrations - Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina.  www.vandeneynden.biz  www.yourinnercompass.com  (Room 101)

C.  Native American Star Knowledge - Chief Golden Light Eagle.  www.star-knowledge.net  (Room 102)

D.  Pyramid Power: Fact or Fiction? - Igor Pitonak.  www.GlobalPyramidConference.com  (Room 103)

E.  Crystals & Love: Finding Love in All the Right Places - Sandy Wilcox.  www.oursacredconnections.com   (Room 107)

F.  Subduing the Dis-ease Dragon: The ABC's of Creating Conditions for Healing - Heidi Bright, MDiv. Book signing follows. http://heidibright.com/  (Room 106)

1 pm Saturday

A.  Live Full Trance Channeling - Sharyl Noday. Channeling Beings of Light.  www.sharylnoday.com  (Room 107)

B.  Astrology: Predictions for Fall 2016 & the Astrology of the Presidential Election - Pam Gallagher, Midwest School of Astrology.  www.midwestschoolofastrology.com  (Room 103)

C.  The Native American Medicine Wheel - Eagle Skyfire.  The Medicine Wheel is the symbol of Native American Spirituality.  www.eagleskyfire.com  (Room 101)

D.  Energy & You, Part 1: The Energetic Systems of the Body - Their Structures, Functions, Influences & Pathologies - Doug Akerman.  www.meridian180.com  (Room 102)

E.  Changing Your Negative Patterns - Judy Lekic.  www.alternativechanges.com  (Room 106)

2 pm Saturday 

A.  Pranic Healing: Harness Nature's Life Force, Boost Vitality & Quickly Heal Yourself - Master Stephen Co.  Book signing follows. www.pranichealing.com  www.masterstephenco.com  (Room 101)

B.  Receiving & Delivering Messages from Spirit - With Demonstrations -  Kimberly Thomas.  Psychic medium demonstrates several techniques.  www.kimberlysspiritualsessions.com  (Room 105)

C.  Live Channeling of The Buddha - Cindy Riggs.  www.CindyRiggs.com  (Room 104)

D.  Sacred Tobacco Drumming Circle - Ms. Margo. Traditional Native American ceremony.  www.thebonereader.com  (Room 107)

E.  Spirit Photographs - Thomas Freese.  www.ThomasLFreese.com  (Room 103)

F.  Fundamentals of Professional Crystal Healing - Beth Ann Kennedy.  www.pinkhearthealing.com   (Room 106)

G.  Are You Living YOU? Time for a  Life Reboot? - Dianne Bischoff James.  www.liveyoureverything.com  (Room 102)

3 pm Saturday 

A.  * Past Lives, Consciousness & Life Purpose: Why Are We Here Now? - Dr. Linda Backman, featured on Dr. Oz. (90 minutes, $20.)  Tickets available online or at the door.  Book signing follows. http://www.ravenheartcenter.com/   (Room 104)

B.  * Facilitated After-Death Contact: Visit with Your Loved Ones - Dr. Mark Pitstick. (2 Hours, $20.)  Tickets available online or at the door.  http://www.soulproof.com/  (Room 107)

C.  Who Am I? Native American Ideas About The Self & The Mind - Lewis Mehl-Madrona, PhD. Bestselling author of Coyote Medicine.  Book signing follows.  www.mehl-madrona.com  (Room 105) 
D.  Using Magic Wands - R. A. Moonhawk. Brief history of wands, their uses & a demonstration. https://www.facebook.com/Ra-Moonhawk-Wands-1680632328815265  (Room 106)

E.  Gallery Readings: Messages from Loved Ones, Angels, Pets & Guides - Carol Borkoski & Vicky Lee.    www.carolborkoski.com  (Room 101)

F.  Energy & You, Part 2: Energy Kinesiology 101 - Ancient Eastern Energetic Healing Arts + Western Physiological Sciences = Increased Health for You! - Doug Akerman.  www.meridian180.com  (Room 102) 
G.  Our Alien Origins - The Hidden History of Earth - David Gieske. (2 Hours, Free.)  www.shiftethos.com  (Room 103)

4 pm Saturday

A.  Angel Chatter - With Angel Readings - Chris Alexandria.  www.angelchatter.com  (Room 101) Christine Alexandria is an Angel Intuitive, award-winning inspirational author and founder of Angel Chatter™.

B.  Mediumship Experience - Healing with Your Ancestors - Rev. Marjorie Rivera.  www.PittsburghMedium.com  (Room 105)

C.  How to Recognize & Block Negative Energy People - C. B. Bjork. Author of The Green Book of Psychic Development. Book signing follows.  www.cbbjork.com  (Room 102)

D.  Chakra Flutes Meditation - Deborah Brubaker.  https://www.facebook.com/debbie.brubaker.35  (Room 106)

5 pm Saturday
A.  Experience Reiki! - Patricia Garry, Zeynep Yilmaz & Reiki Masters.  turquoizen@yahoo.comwww.patriciagarry.com  (Room 101)

B.  Opening to Your Spiritual Journey - Healing for the Past, Peace for the Present & Direction for the Future - Wayne Holmes.  www.ReligiousRecovery.org  (Room 104)

C.  Orbs: One Man's Journey (with Video Evidence) - Willis Stanley.  Book signing follows.  www.willisstanley.com  (Room 102)

D.  Keys to Thriving Through Cancer Like a Spiritual Rock Star - Letha Cupp.  omygypsysol@gmail.com  (Room 103)

E.  Get Your Business Started - Christina Young.  www.stepbystepcourses.com  (Room 105)

7pm Saturday

* Dinner with George Noory! In the Sharonville Convention Center Ballroom. Chicken or Vegetarian Option. $69. Includes Meet & Greet with George. Advance Ticket Required to Attend this Dinner. ORDER BEFORE 11AM ON THURSDAY, APRIL 7 - SEE LINK AT TOP OF THIS PAGE. Tickets will NOT be available at the door! 

Sunday, April 10

11 am Sunday

A.  Working Transpersonally with People Attempting Suicide -  Barbara Mainguy & Lewis Mehl-Madrona, PhD.  Book signing follows.  www.mehl-madrona.com  (Room 101)

B.  The Akashic Records - Your Book of Life - Rev. Wendy Sue Wahl.  www.within-view.com  (Room 102)

C.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks of the GSL Monastery. Suggested donation $10.  www.gslmonastery.org  (Room 104)

D.  Living in the Peace of Neutrality - Understanding Duality - Lisa Noland-Shalosky & Patrick Shalosky.    www.lisanoland.com  (Room 103)

E.  The Amazing Art & Science of Iridology - Debby Solomon.  www.nurturedbymothernature.com  (Room 105)

F.  Preparing the Physical Body for Lightbody - Sarah Schweitzer.  www.starlightconnection.com  (Room 106)

NOON Sunday
A.  * Connections: Gallery Readings with Psychic Medium Rick Hayes. (90 Minutes, $20.)  Tickets available online or at the door.  www.lifesgift.com  (Room 102)

B.  * Sacred Rites of the Ancient Temples of Egypt & Atlantis - Anara Whitebear & Chris Katsaropoulos. (2 Hours, $20.)  Tickets available online or at the door.  Book signing follows. http://www.anarawhitebear.com  (Room 105)

C.  Crystals & Minerals for Managing Chemo, Radiation & Beyond - Maria Celeste.  Maria will share her own breast cancer healing journey, alternative healing modalities used.  www.center4creativehealing.com  (Room 106)

D.  Exploring Past Lives - With Past Life Readings - Beth Ann Bennett.  bethbennett@att.net  (Room 101)

E.  Shamans as Readers - Regina Rivers.  www.rivershealingarts.com  (Room 104)

F.  Symbols, Signs & Synchronicities - Joanne Franchina. Learn the language of Spirit, and how to get meaning from the symbols you receive in dreams, meditations, messages, or as day-signs.  www.yourinnercompass.com  (Room 107) 

G.  Bless This Mess: Angelic House Healing - Tina Michelle. Learn to clear the negative energy in your house.  www.tinamichelle.com  (Room 103)

1 pm Sunday

A.  Extraordinary Experiences & the Trans-Reality Earth Paradigm - Are You One of the New Experiencers? - Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  www.visionaryliving.com  (Room 103)

B.  Spirit Portraiture with Messages: Bringing Spirit to Life - Janette Kaye & Chad Seibert, Psychic Mediums. Spell binding presentation of spirit messages with drawings of loved ones.  www.janettekaye.net  (Room 104)

C.  Crystal & Tibetan Bowls Concert - Ron Esposito.  www.RonEsposito.com  (Room 101)

D.  Psychic Self Defense - John Michael Thornton.  www.johnmichaelthornton.com  (Room 107)

E.  Expanding Your Abundance - Leslie Fonteyne.  www.lesliefonteyne.com  (Room 106)

2 pm Sunday

A.  Ask A Psychic - Victor Paruta. Mini-readings for the audience from the founder of Victory of Light.  www.victorparuta.com  (Room 104 & 105)

B.  Communicating with Angels - Adrianna Lesniak.  www.mysticconnections.com  (Room 102)

C.  Five Energy Processes: Clearing, Grounding, Balancing, Integrating & Expanding - Lyra (Elizabeth Fernandez).   www.subtleenergyskills.com  (Room 101)

D.  Consciousness: Using Awareness as a Tool of Transformation - Thomas Mooneagle.  Book signing follows. www.thomasmooneagle.com  (Room 103)
E.  Trance, Transitions & Transforming Grief - Monica Vance.  Assisting the process of dying and death.  www.MonicaVanceProfessionalHypnosis.com  (Room 106)

F.  Energy Healing & How It Can Work for You - Mary Bannon.  www.divineheartconnections.com  (Room 107)

3 pm Sunday

A.  * Mediumship & Shamanism with International Medium David Vickers & Shaman Medium Barbara Ilari. (2 Hours, $20.) Tickets available online or at the door if not sold out.  TSLHolistic@aol.com   www.integrativeshamanism.com  (Room 105)

B.  * Life Reboot: Are You Living YOU? - Dianne Bischoff-James. (2 Hours, $20.) Tickets available online or at the door if not sold out.  Book signing follows.  www.liveyoureverything.com  (Room 103)

C.  Crystal Grids & How to Use Them - Marina Swenson.  www.smartashholders.com  (Room 106)

D.  The Five Strengths of Feminine Power - Lori Kirstein.  Book signing follows.  http://www.goodbyegoodgirl.com/  (Room 102)

E.  Learn to Play the Native American Flute (Flutes Provided) - Douglas Blue Feather.  www.douglasbluefeather.com  (Room 107)

F.  Trance Channeling: Messages from Sananda, the Cosmic Christ - with Personal Messages - Nada Maibach.  www.nadachannel.com  (Room 101)

G.  Group Past Lives Regression with Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Consuelo Cassotti. (2 Hours, Donation.)    www.balancevolution.com  (Room 104)

4 pm Sunday

A.  Ask A Paranormal Investigator (with AV Evidence) – Victory of Light Paranormal Investigations.  http://victoryoflightparanormal.blogspot.com  (Room 104)

B.  Singing Bowls Revelations - Kathleen Calby. What singing bowls can offer in shifting consciousness.  www.re-soundingjoy.com  (Room 101)

C.  From Non-Believer to Psychic Medium - My Journey - Sara Gerhardt.  www.sarathemedium.com  (Room 102)

D.  Meridian Tapping for Healing - Michelle Lagaly.  www.lightervibes.com  (Room 106)

5 pm  Sunday

A.  Animals As Teachers & Healers - Jeanna Billings.  www.shamansspirit.net  (Room 101)

B.  Herbs, The Magic Healers - Marina Schaum.  www.wilderb.com  (Room 103)

C.  Facts about Fairies - Joy Elaine. Visit with the fairies of Cincinnati.  www.joyelaine.com  (Room 104)

D.  Harness the Power of Positive Perspectives - Barbette Spitler.  www.HealingWithInsight.com  (Room 105)

E.  Discover How LIIFT Quickly Heals Your Life - Brian Eastman.  www.liift.info  (Room 102)

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