Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
-- Mike Wickett

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Cincinnati's Premier Body, Mind & Spirit Event
Since 1992!

Victory of Light

November 21 & 22, 2015

Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45246
10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday

Admission:  $15/single day - $25/weekend
Children 12 & under FREE, Seniors (60+) & Students with ID $2 off
Readings $20-40  -  Parking is FREE

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Double Door Prizes on Sunday!

Featured Presenters

All Seminars Free & One Hour Unless Indicated!
We now have 77 seminars for you to choose from, up from 60!
The following presenters were featured at our April 2015 expo.
Please check back for updates.

Tara Robinson
"The Ultimate Risk: Top Regrets of the Dying"
(Hay House, 2016 publication date)
Lessons for Living Your Best Life Now
from the publisher of Whole Living Journal

Chief Golden Light Eagle
"Native American Star Knowledge"

Dianne Bischoff James
"Mid-Life Reboot:  Living the Life You Love"

Carol E. Borkoski
"Messages from Loved Ones, Angels, Pets & Guides"
Heartwarming, uplifting, free!

Victor Paruta
Victor Paruta
"Ask A Psychic"
Q & A and free mini-readings for audience members
from the founder of Victory of Light.

Linda Thunberg, MHt
"Transpersonal Regression:  A Return to Your Joy,
A Journey to Yourself"

Drake Bear Stephen
"Psychopomps, Reincarnation & the Afterlife"
(Psychopomps are guides who escort spirits into the afterlife.)

Tibetan Monk
Tibetan Monks
"Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremonies"

Psychic Medium Rick Hayes
"Connections:  Gallery Readings for the Audience"
Rick has appeared on SyFy and History Channels.

Cindy & Michael Fess
"How to Manifest Your Desires - Now"

Kelly Bowman
"The Psychic Brain"

Janette Kaye and Chad Seibert
"Spirit Portraiture: Bringing Spirit to Life",

Kimberly Thomas
"Practical Experience:  Psychic Reception"
A meditation to help you receive your own psychic messages.

Rodrigo Duque
"Awaken the Healer in You"

Judy Lekic
"Medical Intuition:  With Readings for the Audience"

Walter Soaring Eagle
"The Physics of Ascension"

Wanda Kay
"Bobby Mackey's: The Most Haunted Nightclub in America"

Jimi Merck
"Power of the Conscious Mind"

Cindy Riggs
"Defragmenting Your Self"
Channeled soul retrieval techniques for
removing blocks to happiness.

Douglas Blue Feather
"Learn to Play the Native American Flute"

   Rose Vanden Eynden
JoAnne Franchina & Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden
"Spirit-Speak: Discover the Joy of Connecting with Spirit Every Day!"
Communicating with your guides, angels and loved ones.
((2 Hrs, $10)
Rose is author of "So You Want To Be A Medium?",

Yasmine Ariel
"Breakthroughs in Electromagnetic Technologies"

Eva Sakmar Sullivan
"Dolphin Meditation: Channeling Light Codes"

Adam Brown
"What Does It All Mean? A Detailed Look At The Big Picture"
Explore oneness, reincarnation, psychic abilities, channeling and more.

Patti McCormick, RN, PhD
"Listen...Listen...The Answers Are Within"
Inner Imagery Techniques

Kenn Day
"The Shamanic Anatomy of the Soul"
Kenn was recently featured in the Huffington Post:

"Energetics of Manifesting"

Sallie Hilvers
"Introduction to the Labyrinth for Meditation"

Consuelo Cassotti
"Using Your Empathy & Sensitivity in Your Everyday Life"

Thomas Freese
"Visitors from Beyond"
Author of Eerie Encounters in Everyday Life

C. B. Bjork
"Letting Go With Love: Understanding Loss" 

Victory of Light Paranormal
Victory of Light Paranormal
"Ask A Paranormal Investigator"
Your chance to ask Victory of Light's official paranormal team
about investigations, ghosts, and more.

...And many more presenters!

Check here for the complete seminar schedule.

Live Music

  Lighthawk Mark Kenworthy
Lighthawk Mark Kenworthy
Keyboard Artist
New CD: Convergence

Douglas Blue Feather
Douglas Blue Feather
Douglas Blue Feather
One of the Top Native American Flutists of Today

Check here for the complete seminar schedule.

Two Full Days of Free Seminars

Dreams Past Lives Spirit Guides
Astrology Feng Shui Meditation
Runes Tarot & Much More!

Great Shopping

Aura Photography Astrology Dream Interpretation
Palmistry Past Lives Soul Retrieval Healing
Karma Tibetan Sacred Art Reiki Meditation
Aromatherapy Spirit Messages Soulmates Tarot
Runes Jewelry Crystals Books Candles Angels

Aura Photography

Psychic Artists

See you at the festival!

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