If you lose the power to laugh,
you lose the power to think.
--Clarence Darrow

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Apr 2014 Psychic Festival: Workshops

APRIL 5 & 6, 2014 Victory of Light Expo

All seminars are FREE and 1 hour unless otherwise noted.
Please check back for updates and changes.
For a printable  Seminar Schedule (Condensed Short Version), please click here.
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Saturday APRIL 5


11 AM Saturday


A.  Free Psychic Messages for Audience Members - Diana Rankin. www.dianarankin.com (Room 101)


B.  Collecting Paranormal Evidence - Patti Starr, world renowned ghost hunter and America's Haunted Road Trip author of Ghosthunting Kentucky, published by Clerisy Press. www.ghosthunter.com (Room 102)


C.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks of the GSL Monastery. Suggested donation $10. www.gslmonastery.org (Room 103)


D.  Discover & Explore Your Animal Totem - Bluehawks Stec. www.gowithspirit.com (Room 105) 


E.  Stones that Reveal the "Other Reality": Magic, Intuition, Telepathy & Abundance - Sandy Wilcox.

www.oursacredconnections.com (Room 104) 


NOON Saturday


A.  Spirit Speaks To You - Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina. (2 Hrs, only $10!) Learn how to communicate with your guides, angels, and loved ones using proven techniques in this interactive workshop by two talented and fun instructors. www.vandeneynden.biz, www.yourinnercompass.com (Room 103)


B.  Psychic or Psycho? - Tina Michelle. Hearing voices was once considered pathological but now this is often considered the voice of intuition and Spirit. www.tinamichelle.com (Room 102)


C.  Henna Tattoo Art: The Miracle of Symbols - Renu Lal. Learn about the sacred symbols of this powerful yet temporary sacred tattoo art form. Renu, one of the country’s most renowned Henna Artists, will be doing henna all weekend at the expo. www.hennadesigns.com (Room 101)


D.  Law of Attraction: Mastery Tools - Larry Watson.  Get a thinking upgrade that will create unlimited positive change in your life. Larry has studied the spiritual principles for 14 years and received extensive training through the Legacy Center as a Change Catalyst certified practitioner. www.InspiringConnection.com (Room 104) 


E.  Parenting Your Sensitive Child - Consuelo Cassotti. How to parent a child who can hear and see spirits.   www.balancevolution.com (Room 105) 

1 PM Saturday  


A.  A Conversation with Psychic Mary Lou Ackermann. Enjoy a rare public appearance by this renowned Cincinnati psychic! (Room 104) 


B.  Psychic Development According to the Jedi Masters - C. B. Bjork. Learn how the lessons and teachings of the Jedi Masters from the Star Wars Movies can assist you with your own psychic development. www.cbbjork.com (Room 102)


C.  Soul Sonics: A Singing Bowls Meditation - Ron Esposito. Ron will present a singing bowls meditation featuring nine crystal singing bowls and four Tibetan brass bowls with remarks about breath, present moment awareness and sound as a transformational tool. www.RonEsposito.com (Room 101)

D.  Religious Recovery - Wayne Holmes. For those who have been injured by religion or the religious, religious recovery is about healing the spirit and finding your own spiritual path using the traditional tools of forgiveness, love and acceptance. www.ReligiousRecovery.org (Room 105) 


2 PM Saturday


A.  Connections: Gallery Readings - Rick Hayes. (2 Hrs, $20).  Rick is featured in the docu-film ‘The Possessed’ (NBC Universal/Spooked Productions) and ‘Soul Catcher’ (NBC Universal/Spooked Productions) on the SYFY Television

Network. Rick also appears on the Travel Channel’s ‘Most Terrifying Places In America’ and ‘Children of The Grave 2’ (NBC/Chiller Network). www.lifesgift.com (Room 102)


B.  Enhance Your Life with Animal Communication & Dolphin Wisdom - Nada Maibach. Learn about our connection with animals and how their interaction in our lives can change how we are feeling and thinking. Nada will talk about our companion animals, how wild animals interact with us, animal totems and how to recognize them. Nada will also trance channel a dolphin from Atlantean times who will give insights into our connection with the dolphin species and more.  www.nadachannel.com (Room 103)


C.  The Three Essential Oils You Can't Do Without! - George Cox. www.naturaloptions.us (Room 104) 


D.  The Story of Your Life as Told by Your Body and Spirit - Mary Jane Brigger.  Discover how stress and physical pain reveal the story of your life and connection to Spirit! www.soulcareexperience.com (Room 105) 


E.  Working with the Archangels - Deborah Lloyd.  Learn how to work with seven major Archangels to attain strong spiritual connections and manifest healing. www.deblloydhealing.com (Room 101)


3 PM Saturday


A.  Balancing & Protecting Personal Energies - Lyra, Subtle Energy Skills LLc. Learn to close energy leaks, clear stuck energies via release valves, shift the flow of energy from overcharged to depleted areas. Understand how energy works in the body so you can maintain high levels of personal energy for health and well being. www.subtleenergyskills.com (Room 103)


B.   Reducing the Effects of Stress and Fatigue in the Body - Julie K. Shirk, LMT. www.reflective-wellness.com (Room 104) 


C.  UFO's in America - Thomas Freese. Author and psychic counselor Thomas Freese details true stories of encounters with flying saucers and aliens from his new book, Eerie Encounters in Everyday Life. www.ThomasLFreese.com (Room 101)


D.  Feng Shui Principles for Personal Insight - Olivia Pierce. The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is the art of placement for harmonious flow of positive energy (chi, life force, prana) in the environment.  www.creatingsacredspace.vpweb.com (Room 105) 


4 PM Saturday


A.  How to Access Your Higher Self - Amber Ralynn Stanley.  Includes a guided meditation to connect you with your Higher Self.  www.amberralynn.webs.com, christine.bogenschutz@gmail.com (Room 101)


B. Laughing Your Way to Enlightenment - Susan Hill.  Learn how humor is a vital component to enjoying life as you inch your way toward enlightenment. lazybeeman@yahoo.com (Room 105)


C.  Relationships & Chinese Face Reading - Lynda Forbes. What does someone's face reveal about them? www.lyndaforbes.com (Room 104) 

D.  Doorway to Your Spirit Guides - Melissa Leath. (2 Hrs, Donation)  The foundation to connect with your spirit guides starts in simple ways: early childhood experiences, developing a spirit guide meditation, personal symbols, and special exercises. Create distinct practices for your own unique link, and explore ways to generate a deeper, harmonious rapport with your guides. www.melissaleath.com (Room 103)


E.  Quantum-Touch: A Powerful Natural Healing Energy - Ernie Betz. www.creeksidehealing.org (Room 102)


5 PM Saturday


A.  We Are the Ones:  Experience an Ancestral Ceremony - James Needham. jamesneedham2012@gmail.com (Room 105) 


In every ancient culture ceremony was the primary catalyst for individual and World transformation. Experience several ancient ceremonial techniques and technologies for connecting you with the ancestors. Ancestral ceremony gives us an experience of being in Unity with each other and the ancestors.  


B.  Reiki as a Spiritual Path - Patricia Garry, Zeynep Yilmaz & Sundar Kadayam. Experience free reiki sessions and hear about the spirituality of this hands on healing method. turquoizen@yahoo.com, www.patriciagarry.com (Room 104) 


C.  Sacred Triad - Ancient Symbol for Healing & Connection - Adrianna Lesniak. www.mysticconnections.com (Room 101)

D.  Meditation for Stress Management - Marsha Cook & Heidi Kent. You will leave this demonstration with a mental, physical and spiritual re-balance! www.heidisReadings.com, www.marshagcook.com (Room 102)





11 AM Sunday


A.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks of the GSL Monastery. Suggested donation $10. www.gslmonastery.org (Room 103)


B.  Sallie Hilvers - Using the labyrinth for personal meditation or, an introduction to the labyrinth.  https://www.facebook.com/CincinnatiLabyrinths (Room 102)


C.  Iridology: Your Eyes are the Windows to the Soul & More! - Debby Solomon.  Discover the secrets your eyes reveal about your body, mind and spirit. www.nurturedbymothernature.com (Room 104) 


D.   Healing Demonstration: Discover How LIIFT (Life Improvement Internal Focus Technique) Quickly Heals Your Life from Emotional Damage, Trauma and Abuse - Brian Eastman. Everyone will be given a personal LIIFT healing during the session, or afterward if time runs out. www.liift.info (Room 105)  

E.  Forgiveness, Gratitude & Grounding - John Michael Thornton. Clear away barriers that prevent you from having a deeper connection to the source of your Divine Energy. www.johnmichaelthornton.com (Room 101)

NOON Sunday


A.  You Bought The Crystal - Now What? - Maria Celeste. Learn simple and easy ways to use the energies of crystals and minerals in everyday life and in your everyday environment, assisting you with your personal and planetary transformations and manifestations. www.center4creativehealing.com (Room 101)


B.  The Healing Power of Music – Phil Crabtree, The Peace Piper. Phil takes you on a delightful journey of healing with music, using pipes and drums. The beautiful music of Spirit rejuvenates body systems and massages your soul, bringing inner peace and healing. Learn about the healing power of music in this fun, interactive workshop. www.peacepiper.net (Room 103)


C.  Ask A Paranormal Investigator – Victory of Light Paranormal Investigations.  http://victoryoflightparanormal.blogspot.com  (Room 104) 


D.  The Chakra Diet - Color Your Way to Health! - Lela Covey. www.lela.juiceplus.com (Room 102)


E.  The Ascended Aura: A Channeled Lecture - Sarah Schweitzer. The next step in holding lightbody is having an ascended aura capable of stabilizing the frequency of crystal.  Attendees will learn how the aura is the key to ascension and anchoring heaven on earth. www.starlightconnection.com (Room 105) 


1 PM Sunday


A.  Post Tribal Shamanism: A New Look at the Old Ways - Kenn Day. Kenn's new best-selling book covers connecting with ancestors, journey techniques, working with spirit allies & healing soul wounds. It is Number 1 on the Amazon UK Shamanic Best Sellers list and Number 2 in the US market! www.shamanstouch.com (Room 103) 


B.  Bringing Spirit to Life: A Demonstration of Mediumship and Spirit Portraiture - Janette Kaye & Chad Seibert.  A spellbinding presentation: Janette draws portraits of loved ones in Spirit for the audience while Chad brings forth their Spirit Messages. www.janettekaye.net, chadseibert@gmail.com (Room 104) 


C.  What is a Ghost? - Jeff Morris. Jeff examines paranormal entities through witness accounts and persistent legends. He is America's Haunted Road Trip author of Cincinnati Haunted Handbook, Nashville Haunted Handbook, Twin Cities Haunted Handbook, and Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio. www.clerisypress.com (Room 105) 


D.  Ancient Wisdom for Modern Knees - Bill Parravano. Holistic relief for knee pain. www.thekneepainguru.com (Room 101)

E.  Mood Management with DoTerra Essential Oils - Nancy Illman, I Am Wellness Center. iamwellnesscenter@gmail.com (Room 102)


2 PM Sunday


A.  Ask A Psychic - Victor Paruta. Mini-readings for the audience. www.victoryoflight.com (Rooms 104 & 105) 


B.  Embracing the Divine Feminine - Francine Haydon & Monica Vance of Enchanted Moments. Brief history of women shamans and how to experience the goddess connection in today's society. www.foresthouseofhealing.com, www.enchantedmomentsshop.com (Room 103)


C.  Healing the Natural Way - Rey Guzman. Home remedies for common diseases. www.sebastianrey.com (Room 102)


D.  Galactic Resonance: Singing Bowls - Kathleen Calby. History of singing bowls, their genesis and connection with planets and galaxies, including info on the earth's Schuman Resonance. www.re-soundingjoy.com (Room 101)


3 PM Sunday


A.  Astrology: Your Sun Sign - Pamela Gallagher.  Learn the archetypes and high and low expressions of each sign. Personal charts will be drawn for some members of the audience. www.midwestschoolofastrology.com (Room 103)


B.  Past Lives - Beth Anne Bennett. Includes past life readings for some members of the audience. bethbennett@att.net  (Room 101)


C.  Pleiadian Wisdom for a New Earth - Heather Wallace. Advice on how to operate in this new vibrational frequency - becoming more heart centered and aligning with our divine selves. Author of Shift: New Paradigms for a New Earth. www.heatherwallace.net (Room 104) 


D.  I Am The Universe - Jimi Merk. We are a reflection of all things in the universe. Jimi will help you to understand how we are the physical manifestation of light, sound, and sacred form. www.JimEyeDesigns.com (Room 102)


E.  A Healing-with-Sound Session – Cindy & Michael Fess. Receive a sound healing, light codes for the ascension and angel messages. www.getharmonynow.com, www.michaelshealingmusic.com (Room 105) 


4 PM Sunday


A.  Healing Touch for Animals - Anne Hodapp. Anne will explain how an animal’s energy field can be balanced and stabilized, resulting in a relaxation that allows self healing and general well being, along with a stronger human-animal bond. anne@goldentouchdogs.com (Room 103)


B.  Abundance Boot Camp: Manifest It Now! - Leslie Fonteyne. www.lesliefonteyne.com (Room 101)


C.  The Ability Rainbow and Golden Angels - Sherrie Milot. (1 Hr, Donation) Your strongest abilities are revealed by your aura colors.  Golden Angels are the angels that are assigned to us in our most difficult trials in life. angelsspiritmedium@yahoo.com  (Donations benefit St. Jude Research Hospital for Children in memory of Christine Sabick.) (Room 104) 


D.  Herbs the Magic Healers - Marina Schaum, Ohio Valley Herbal Products. Knowledge of wild herbs can benefit body, mind and spirit. Marina spent 12 years in Alaska, learning the edible and medicinal uses of wild herbs from a local herbalist. www.wilderb.com. (Room 105) 


E.  Boundless Energy - Optimal Weight - Leah McCullough. www.FreedomFromFibro.com (Room 102)


5 PM Sunday


A.  Mindfulness for Well-Being - Sophia Paparodis.  Experience this simple awareness practice that opens us to the peace within each moment. www.awarewithin.com (Room 103)


B.   Introduction to Palmistry - Mike Mellott. messagefromviolet@yahoo.com (Room 102)


C.  7 Steps to Balance Your Life! - Robin Marvel. Learn 7 simple, effective, invaluable tools and techniques that will rekindle your passion for life, empowering you to dive into life and start living! www.robinmarvel.com (Room 104) 


D.  The Leisure Consultant's Guide to Happiness - Larry Gross. www.leisureconsultant.net. Book signing follows. (Room 105) 



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