Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
-- Mike Wickett

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Nov 2012 Psychic Festival: Workshops

For a printable condensed version of the seminar schedule with Room Numbers, please click here.


For a printable, expanded and detailed seminar schedule with Room Numbers, please click here.



Saturday, November 17, 2012

11 AM Saturday


A.  Past  Life Connections –  Joanne Franchina and Jaccolin Franchina.  (Room 101)


B.  Smudging – How to Clear Yourself, Others and Places Using Sage, Cedar or Sweetgrass - Rev. Jane, Ph.D.  (Room 103)


C.  How To Use Psychic Tools: Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Scrying Mirrors, Tarot Cards, and More - Rev. Francine Haydon with Sara Gerhardt and Monica Vance. Learn to get answers from your Higher Self.,,  (Room 105)


D.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony - Tibetan Monks of the DGTL Monastery. Suggested donation $10.  (Room 104)


E.  UFO’s and Their Future Impact on Humanity – Susan Rawlings.  (Room 102)



NOON Saturday

A.  Invoking Love, Light & Joy Through Your Angels & Guides - Sunny Dawn Johnston. (Room 104)

B.  Become a Medical Intuitive - Tina Zion. (Room 101)

C.  Energetic & Psychic Protection – Becky McCleery.  (Room 102)

D.  Aromatherapy for Wellness - George Cox.  (Room 103)
E.  Life on the Other Side – Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden.  (Room 105)



1 PM Saturday


A.  Animals and Spirituality: Sacred Animals and Animal Guides – Andrew Harvey and Dr. Linda Bender., (Room 102)

B.  Becoming the Human Crystal – Naisha Ahsian. (Room 103)

C.  Meditation Concert with Crystal & Tibetan Bowls – Ron Esposito.  (Room 104)


D.  Automatic Writing - Christine Sabick. (Room 105)


E.  The Healing Tao: Qigong and Chi Strengthening Exercises for Health, Vitality and Wellness - Andrew McCart.  (Room 101)


2 PM Saturday


A.  Techniques & Tools of Paranormal Investigation – Project Paranormal Investigations.  (Room 103)


B.  Soulmates and Other Mysteries of The Soul – Tammi Rager. Discover the meanings of Soul Mates, Pre-Birth Planning, Soul Agreements, Akashic Records, Karmic Energies, Life Challenges, Spiritual Assistants and more.  (Room 101)


C.  Guided Meditation: 2012, A New Earth Rising - Charmian Redwood. With crystal bowls., (Room 105)

D.  Public Demonstration of Psychic Mediumship – Messages from the Other Side – Rev. Marjorie Augustine Rivera.  (Room 104)


E.  Balancing Hormones Naturally – Dr. Chris Coffman, West Chester Chiropractic. (Room 102)

3 PM Saturday


A.  Gallery Readings for the Audience – Sunny Dawn Johnston. (2 Hrs., $20) Join Sunny Dawn Johnston for an inspiring and motivating afternoon, get your questions answered, connect with like minded people, and begin to manifest all that you desire!  (Room 104)


B.  Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Love - Jay Alan Goldfarb.  (Room 101)


C.  Your Soul Path Through Astrology – Pam Gallagher, Midwest School of Astrology.   (Room 103)


D.  My Search for Bigfoot & Other Regional Cryptids (Strange Creatures) - Joedy Cook. Hear about Ohio Bigfoot sightings, the Loveland Frogman and other unusual creature sightings from one of the most active bigfoot researchers in the State of Ohio. Joedy has appeared on The History Channel, SciFi Channel and The Learning Channel. (Room 105)


E.  Healing Through Sound, Movement & Manipulation: The Acoustopathic Method - Vince Lasorso.  (Room 102)


4 PM Saturday


A.  A Flower Sιance – Sara Sachs. Spirit messages with flowers.  (Room 105)


B.  Improving Your Health with Organics – Rey Guzman. (Room 102)


C.  Dealing with Ghosts: An Enlightened Approach – Cindy Riggs., (Room 103)


D.  Sunny (cont.) (Room 104)


E.  Live for Now! - Cindy & Michael Fess. A happy, joyful talk about being in the moment and keeping the feeling of happiness…Now!,  (Room 101)


5 PM Saturday


A.  Creative Inspiration & the Voice of Your Spirit – Mary Maass. (Room 101)


B.  The Sacred Triad:  Discover This Secret Angelic Gateway – Adrianna Lesniak. (2 Hours, $15)  (Room 102)


C.  The Psychic Development Circle - Rev. Melissa Leath (2 Hour Intensive, Love Offering)  Participate in a Spirit Awareness Development Circle under the leadership of Rev. Melissa Leath, certified medium and psychic for over 30 years.  (Room 103)


D.  New Practical Reiki – A Strong, Simple, Revolutionary Energy Healing Method - Alice Langholt.  (Room 104)


E.  Making Permanent Changes In Your Life with Hypnosis – Jeffrey Poe.  (Room 105)


Sunday, November 18, 2012 

11 AM Sunday


A.  A Spiritualist Sunday Service – Rev. Christine Sabick and United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church (USCL). Your chance to experience a Spiritualist Sunday Service! (Room 101)


B.  Divinity Spiritual Inter-Faith Service - Mary Margaret Denholm of Divinity Spiritual Church.  (Room 103)


C.  Quantum-Touch: A Powerful Healing Energy – Ernie Betz. With demonstration.  (Room 102)


D.  Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremony – Tibetan Monks. Suggested donation $10.  (Room 104)

NOON Sunday

A.  Canines In A Paranormal World – Meet Sophie the Canine Paranormal Investigator! – Cornerstone Paranormal.  (Room 102)

B.  Guided Meditation: Visit Passed On Loved Ones, Angels and Guides – Kathy Vaske. Deep relaxations and hypnosis to connect.  (Room 104)


C.  The Amazing Vogel Crystal 28 Day DNA Activation and Repair Process – Maria Celeste, Celestial Dancer.  Channeled information about how to meditate, use and wear Vogel (specially facetted) Crystals. (Room 101)


D.  Minding the Light Within: The Quaker Path to Peacemaking – Paulette Meier.  (Room 103)


1 PM Sunday


A.  Enlightened Masters of the Far East: My Mystic Journey – Andrew Harvey. (Room 101)


B. Surviving & Thriving Through Trauma – Ruth Ellerbusch, EMDR Practitioner. (Room 102)


C.  Crystals & The Elemental Forces - Naisha Ahsian.  (Room 103)


D.  Gala Mediumship Demonstration – Rose Vanden Eynden, Joanne Franchina and guest mediums. Spirit messages for members of the audience.,  (Room 104)


2 PM Sunday


A.  Ask A Psychic - Victor Paruta. Mini-readings for the audience.,  (Room 104)


B.  Understanding Your Energy Field (Aura) - Beth Ann Kennedy. (Room 101)


C.  Hypnosis – Reach Your Goals! - Mary Sammons. With group demonstration. Learn about hypnosis!  (Room 103)

D.  My Near Death Experience (NDE): Visions of the Future - David Bennett. David will speak about humanity’s future as revealed during his NDE’s (Near Death Experiences).  (Room 102)



3 PM Sunday


A.  Invoking the Archangels - To Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul – Sunny Dawn Johnston. (2 hours, Free!)  (Room 104)


B.  The Healing Tao: Simple and Effective Meditation Techniques for Health, Wellness, Vitality and Human Evolution – Julia Johanan.  (Room 103)

C.  Past Lives: The Reincarnation of a Confederate Soldier – Deb & Nick Lantz.,  (Room 102)

D.  The Lightbody Shift - Are You Ready to Ascend? - Sarah Schweitzer.  (Room 101)



4 PM Sunday


A.  The Miracle Tree: Transforming the Lives of People & Animals with Nutrition - Mary Marshall. (Room 102)


B.  Introduction to Psychometry and Clairvoyance with Messages for the Audience - Rev. Cindy L. Spencer.  (Room 101)

C.  Experiencing Radiant Far Infrared Light – Phil Wilson.  (Room 103)



5 PM Sunday


A.  Experience Reiki! (Energy Healing) – Patricia Garry & Reiki Ning Group. Includes hands on reiki experience.,  (Room 101)

B.  Healing Through Visualization - James McNabb. Heal your body through visualization meditations.  (Room 103)

C.  Sacred Geometry – Jimi Merk. History of sacred forms and how we use them every day.  Room 102)


D.  Stories of Contact with Ghosts & Spirits - Thomas Freese. Psychic and author Thomas Freese relates some stories of spirit contact from his eight books.  (Room 104)



Music Stage Schedule


All Weekend - Mark Lighthawk Kenworthy – Original Keyboard Compositions.

1pm each day - Yalla Ya Banat (Lets Go Girls in Egyptian) and Dakarai Tribaret.


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