Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
-- Mike Wickett

November 2010 Festival











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  Victory of Light Expo
  April 16 & 17, 2011

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Cincinnati's Premier Body Mind Spirit Event!

Victory of Light Expo

November 20 & 21, 2010

Sharonville Convention Center
10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday

Admission:  $12/single day - $20/weekend
Children 12 & under FREE, Seniors & Students $2 off
Readings $20-40  -  Parking is FREE

Experience the Energy!

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Exhibitors: Please click on Exhibitor Info in left margin for applications.

Featured Presenters

 All seminars free unless indicated



Chief Golden Eagle / Standing Elk

"The 11:11 Teachings, Star Knowledge & 2012"

(2 Hrs, $10 Suggested Love Offering)


Chief Golden Eagle/Standing Elk is a member of the Ihunktowan

Dakota Nation. He is a Hereditary and Sundance Chief and resides

on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. He is an internationally known teacher, lecturer, author, and conductor of traditional ceremonies.



Christine Sabick

"Angel Talk"

Author of Angel Talk: Chatting With The Angels


Tibetan Monks
"Life, Death & Rebirth"
"Healing Through Meditation"



Dr. Linda Bender

"The Power of Animals to Heal" 



John Kachuba

"Ghosthunting Ohio & Beyond"

Author of "Ghosthunters", "Ghosthunting Illinois" and "Ghosthunting Ohio."

Victor Paruta
"Ask A Psychic"
Q&A and free mini-readings for audience members.



 Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden

"Public Mediumship: Are You A Budding Medium?" (2 hrs, $10)

"Gala Mediumship Demonstration" with several gifted mediums (1 hr, free)


Author of "So You Want To Be A Medium? A Down To Earth Guide (2006); Metatron: Invoking the Angel of God's Presence (2008); and Ask a Medium: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions About the Spirit World (2010).


Pam Gallagher

"The Astrology of 2012"

Cincinnati's most famous astrologer explains how 2012 will impact you.

Bring your natal chart for on-the-spot mini-readings.



 Ron Esposito
"The Chakras: Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation"
The video for Ron's "Open Heart" CD has received a bronze
Telly Award for “Best Online Video”.


William L. Molitor BCH, CI

"Past Life Regression" (2 Hrs, $20)


Ruth Ellerbusch, MA, LPC, EMDRII

"EMDR - Rewire Your Brain For Rapid, Profound Growth & Healing"



Rex Oxley

The Natural Mandala

On display all weekend. Meet the artist.



Carla Whitaker

"Energy Balancing For Your Pet"


 Gene Jackson (pictured with Barbara Jackson)

"Basic Crystal Healing"


Beth Anne Bennett

"Stress & The Old Soul"

Have you always felt out of step from mainstream USA?

If so, you may be an old soul in a young soul country!


L. M. Bluehawks Stec DD, CHt

"Channeling an Ancient Native Elder"

Author of "Indigenous Medicine Wheel Of All People"



John of God Crystal Light Bed

Healings Available All Weekend

with Virginia Gilpin of Rainbow Journeys 


Patricia Garry
"Experience Reiki"  


Mark Kenworthy

"Using Music As A Healing Modality"

Ms. Margo, Chippewa and Aztec Native Indian
"Finding LOVE & Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side"

Cheryl Vehre Buchanan
"Tarot Made Easy"

Susan Rawlings
"UFOs & Government Disclosure of the Truth" (2 Hrs, $10)
with multi-media presentation

Cindy & Michael Fess
"Intuition: How To Use Your Own Spiritual Radar"


Beth Kennedy

“Messages from the Ascended Masters”



Jill Bruener
"Is Your House Haunted?"
Bring a photo of your home and Jill will
tell you if it’s haunted and by whom!  


Sarah Schweitzer
"The Planetary Ascension Process: The Wave Has Begun!" 


Maria Celeste
"Stones, Crystals & Colors For Healing" 

 ...And 30 more presenters!

Check here for the complete seminar schedule.


Live Music

Lighthawk Mark Kenworthy
Keyboard Artist

Douglas Blue Feather
One of the Top Native American Flutists of Today.


Emerald Breeze Dance Ensemble
Belly Dance Performances



Two Full Days of Free Seminars

•  Dreams  •  Past Lives  •  Spirit Guides  •
•  Astrology  •  Feng Shui  •  Meditation  •
•  Runes  •  Tarot  •  & Much More!  •
Great Shopping
• Aura Photography • Astrology • Dream Interpretation •
• Palmistry • Past Lives • Soul Retrieval • Healing •
• Karma • Tibetan Sacred Art • Reiki • Meditation •
• Aromatherapy • Spirit Messages • Soulmates • Tarot •
• Runes • Jewelry • Crystals • Books • Candles • Angels •
Aura Photography
Psychic Artists

See you at the festival!

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