Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
-- Mike Wickett

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Apr 2010 Psychic Festival: Workshops


April 10 & 11, 2010 Victory of Light Expo

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Workshops are free and one-hour unless otherwise noted. Donations, where noted, are greatly appreciated but not mandatory for admittance.



11 am Sat.

A. Meditations for Inner Guidance – Joanne Franchina.  Two powerful visualization exercises lead you to inner wisdom.

B. Buddhist Healing - Tibetan Monks. A special healing by monks associated with the Dalai Lama. Donation ($10 suggested).

C. Connecting To Your Spirit Guides & The Spirit World - John Deveraux.

D. What is Better Than A Cure? No Need for One! – Melanie Beckemeyer and Pamela Cordes, RN, Naturopath. Reverse risk for disease.

Noon Sat.

A. Ask A Medium – Author Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden. Exploration of the spirit world with spirit messages.

B. Chinese Herbal Medicine – Peter Sheng, M.D. 30 years experience in Western & Eastern Medicine.

C. Trance Channeling - Cindy Riggs. Demonstration with channeled messages for the audience.

D. New Energy Healing Techniques – Connie Dohan, RN.

Music Stage:  Emerald Breeze Dance Ensemble.           

1 pm Sat.

A. Is Your House Haunted? – Jill Bruener. Bring a photo of your house and find out if your house is haunted and by whom!

B. Angel Talk - Rev. Christine Sabick. Angel communication with messages.

C. Aromatherapy for Wellness – George Cox.

D. UFO's & Government Disclosure of the Truth - Susan Rawlings.

2 pm Sat.

A. Atlantis: Where Is It & Where Are The Atlanteans? – Lai Ubberud.

B. Messages From The Goddess – Beth Ann Kennedy. Channeled messages from the Goddesses of the world.

C. Returning To The Light:  Keys To Our Soul - Dr. Olympia Freeman. The soul’s journey between lifetimes.

D. Living In The Heart of Now – Mary Ellen Moore, Synergy Holistic Center. Get in touch with a deeper dimension of who you really are.

Music Stage: Douglas Blue Feather, Native American Flute.

3 pm Sat.

A. Navigating the Seas of Deepest Mind:  Approaching the Nucleus - a Franciscan Taoist. Deep mysticism.

B. The Akashic Records & You – Bob Heath. Based on the readings of “The Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce.

C. How To Read the Tarot – Pauline Dettloff.

D. Finding Your Voice: Opening the Throat Chakra - Mary Phelan.

4 pm Sat.

A. Art of Happiness - Tibetan Monks. (Donation suggested.)

B. Embracing What Is:  The Path of Inner Healing & Wholeness - Linda B. Fabe, M.Ed. Transform challenging feelings and wounds into love.

C. Introduction To Reiki – Pat Garry & Reiki Meet Up Group. Includes hands on reiki experience.

D. Healing Multi-Dimensional Facets - Sarah Schweitzer.

Music Stage 4:30: Terri Rivera Piatt, “Sings With Ravens.”

5 pm Sat.

A. Finding Inner Peace - Monica Vance, Francine Haydon, Sara Gerhardt.

B. Introduction to A Course In Miracles – Dick Hirth.

C. Developing Intuition For Psychic Messages & Self-Healing – Kathleen Fletcher-Marks. With messages from Spirit and Q&A.

D. DNA Replacement - Rev. Dr. Steven Glasgow DD.



11 am Sun.

A. Meditation Service With Messages – Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm, Divinity Spiritual Church.

B. Buddhist healing  - Tibetan Monks. A special healing by monks associated with the Dalai Lama. Donation ($10 suggested).

C. Close Encounters With Crystal Healing – Maria Celeste.

D. An Angel’s Guide To The Ascension Process: Working With The New Energy in Today’s World - Cindy & Michael Fess.

Noon Sun.

A. Women: A Spiritual Guide To Accepting & Resolving Your “Man” Challenges - Michael C. Tibbetts, M.S., CEAP, OCPS II.

B. Up Close & Personal Mediumship – Jaccolin & Joanne Franchina.,

C. Awaken To The Here And Now: Completing Your Search For Enlightenment – Author Kevin Duffy.

D. Past life Regression -  William Molitor CPHI, CH (2hr, $20)

Music Stage 12:30 – Emerald Breeze Dance Ensemble.

1 pm Sun.

A. Space & Personal Clearing: Ancient Wisdom to Modern Application – Tandy Pryor Volpenhein.

B. Meet Your Ascended Master Self - Joyce Silletti.

C. Mediumship – Christine Sabick.

2 pm Sun.

A. Ask A Psychic - Victor Paruta. Mini-readings for the audience.

B. NDE: What Happens After We Die? – Neville Johnston.

C. Morning Coffee With God – Author Michael Dennis.

D. Movement As Meditation, Dance as Prayer - Roger Sams, MA.

Music Stage – Ron Esposito & Friends, Tibetan Brass & Crystal Singing Bowl Concert.

Ron Esposito released his first solo CD, "Open Heart," last fall on his own label, Spiral Music. The CD was quickly added to the playlist of the Public Radio International (PRI) syndicated radio program “Echoes.” The video for the CD has received a bronze Telly Award for “Best Online Video”. The Telly Award, marking its thirtieth anniversary in 2010, is the TV/video equivalent of an Oscar for film and one of the most sought-after awards by industry leaders. To watch the video and listen to samples, visit

3 pm Sun.

A. Finding LOVE & Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side – Ms. Margo, Chippewa and Aztec Native Indian.

B. Akashic Records & You – Tammi Rager. With mini-messages.

C. Multi-Dimensional Sight - The New Clairvoyance - Sarah Schweitzer. New knowledge about the third-eye.

D. Animals – How They Help Us – Karen Patton.

4 pm Sun.

A. Dealing with Anger - Tibetan Monks. (Donation suggested.)

B. You, the Amazing Human – Omar Nelson. Learn the Breath of Unconditional Love, a five-step process that honors the paradox of our mortal human physicality and our immortal Oneness with Infinite Spirit.

C. Discover Your Gift: Your Path To Psychic Development – Melissa Leath. Melissa shares several techniques.

D. Working With Weather – Patricia Garry. How to influence weather.

5 pm Sun.

A. What Is Reality? Infinity, Energy & Vibration - Lori Jae.

B. Invitation To Passion: The Enchantment of Spiritual Seduction and Togetherness – Ren’ee Ruble.

C. Eliminate Pain Now! – Rev. Jane. Demonstrations of Quantum Touch, Yuen, Usui Reiki, Toltec Reiki, Shaman Reiki, Nuna Reiki & Therapeutic Touch.

D. Care & Feeding of our Energetic System: From the Perspective of a Licensed Massage Therapist – Anita Foster.

Music Stage All Weekend: Lighthawk Mark Kenworthy - Original Keyboard Compositions.



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