Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
-- Mike Wickett

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Apr 2007 Psychic Festival: Workshops

APRIL 14 & 15, 2007

Note:  All Seminars are FREE and ONE-HOUR unless otherwise indicated.  Please check back for possible changes.  Donations, where indicated, are greatly appreciated but not mandatory for admittance.


Please click here for this list in a format suitable for printing.





11am Sat.


A.  BUDDHIST “KA GOK” HEALING  ˜ Tibetan Monks of the Dagom Gaden Tensung Ling (DGTL) Buddhist Monastery.  (Room 108)


This special healing dispels spiritual, physical and mental obstacles.  Donation ($10 suggested). 


B.  NUMBERS TALK ˜ Patricia Kennedy.  (Room 107)


Includes free numerology readings for three random attendees.  Patricia is a numerologist with 25 years experience. 


C.  “THE SECRET” ˜ Your chance to watch this smash hit movie about the law of attraction for FREE! (1.5 Hr)  (Room 110)


For the first time in history, the world's leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret that utterly transformed the lives of every person who ever knew it... Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein.  This is The Secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth:  everything you have ever wanted.  Now YOU will know The Secret.  And it could change your life forever.


D.  INTEGRATIVE HEALING & SPIRITUALITY ˜ Judi A. Winall, B.Div., CIH.  (Room 106)

Healing doesn't happen without the influence of your Spirit/Soul and the Original Source of your being.  By using an integrative approach, you increase your ability to heal tremendously.  By embracing The Source within you and developing an intimate relationship with this Source, nothing is impossible! 

Judi is a spiritual teacher/mentor, psychospiritual intuitive, and certified intuitive healer.  She is the founder of The Center for Soul Empowerment in Morrow, OH and on faculty with the Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing in Walpole, NH.  Judi is also on staff at the TriHealth Integrative Health & Medicine Center in Cincinnati and is an ordained interfaith minister.



Music Stage – Dancing The Tarot.  Dancers bring 3 tarot cards to life through dance.


A.  SO YOU WANT TO BE A MEDIUM? ˜  Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden.  Booksigning follows.  (2HR, $10)  (Room 107)


Learn the mechanics of spirit communication from the author of So You Want to be a Medium? A Down to Earth Guide. 


Reverend Rose Vanden Eynden is a certified medium with the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield and an ordained Spiritualist minister with the United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church (U.S.C.L.) in Cincinnati.  She is a founding member of the U.S.C.L. and now serves as their Director of Education, designing, implementing, and teaching their Mediumship Training Program.  Her first book, So You Want To Be A Medium? A Down to Earth Guide, was published by Llewellyn Worldwide and is available in all major bookstores.  She maintains a private consultation and massage therapy practice in Blue Ash, Ohio.


B.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE – MEET YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL TODAY! (Part 1) ˜ Rev. Sarah Schweitzer, Ph.D.  (Room 108)


Learn about your personal guardian angels and find out how you can communicate with them!  Audience attendees will receive a mini message or identification touch-in.


C.  INSIGHT INTO PAST LIVES ˜ Beth Ann Bennett.  (Room 106)


Includes past life readings for members of the audience.


1pm Sat.  


A.  SPIRIT TALK – MESSAGES FROM LOVED ONES ˜ Rosemary The Celtic Lady.  (Room 110)


Rosemary The Celtic Lady is internationally known for her rapid-fire mediumship.  All who meet this young woman report life changing experiences.




Based on “The Secret”.




Come experience Quantum-Touch and see its power and simplicity.  In minutes, you’ll see bones align, pain and headaches disappear and inflammation subside in this live demonstration.  Quantum-Touch accelerates both physical and emotional healing.  How does it work? Life-force energy, in abundance, renews and rebuilds new tissues. From DNA to bones, all systems respond effortlessly to this highly charged energy field and intention. 


The Austin’s are Certified Quantum-Touch Instructors with 30 years natural health experience. In one weekend, you can learn a lifesaving/enhancing skill that lasts a lifetime, even with no prior experience.  Cincinnati weekend workshop, May 5-6, 2007.


2pm Sat.


Music Stage – Shelley Graff with dorrie andermills, Kathy Crocco, Julie Kronenberger and Shira Thompson.


A.  MESSAGES & MIRACLES ˜ Kelly MacLeod.  Spirit messages.  (Room 110)


Kelly MacLeod is an internationally renowned psychic, medium and author that teaches people how to recognize the signs and symbols from loved ones that have passed on.  After the explanation, she will tune into loved ones that have passed on and make connections for people in the audience, proving that the spirit continues to live on even after we leave our physical bodies.


B.  TWIN SOULS MERGING ˜ Gary Duncan, Jean Cline, Daryl Coston.  Booksigning follows.  (Room 106)


Meet the twin soul of George Reeves, TV Superman.  When Jean Cline was 13 years old, the spirit of George Reeves came to her.  Come listen to Jean, Gary and Daryl tell the story of George Reeves and Jean Cline as Twin Souls Merging.


C.  YOUR DIVINE ORIGINS ˜ Karon Korp, author of The 12 Keys.  Booksigning follows.  (Room 108)


Join nationally known author Karon Korp for a conversation on the role you played in the Beginning of Time, and the role you will play in the coming ‘Revelation’. A meditation will be offered for participants to meet their future selves.




This informative lecture will include an overview of the chakra system covering each of the seven major chakras and how they relate to the physical body, how they correspond to the psychological areas of our lives, and how a balanced chakra system contributes to our overall well-being.  This session will conclude with a guided meditation to begin the journey of bringing the chakra system into balance by integrating the energy of each chakra to flow in harmony as a whole.


Nancy is a Reiki Master, Teacher/student and inspirational speaker, who has dedicated her life to sharing the knowledge she has gained through study and life experience in order to guide humanity to self empowerment.


3pm Sat.


A.  MYSTICISM & LOVE-THERAPY ˜ Richard Shining Thunder.  (Room 106)


Featured in Who’s Who, Richard has served as a consultant to Time, Newsweek and CBS Television’s 60 Minutes.  He holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and served as the subject of three television series:  The Psychology of Spirituality, The Way of Universal Love, and Spiritual Awakenings.  He is author of several books including Love is God, Tao Now, Superlove, and Jehovah, Good-bye.  Richard is a central spokesperson for the Universal Love Movement.  He has given seminars and radio interviews throughout the U.S. and Europe and hosted the weekly radio-program “Heartmind” on WVXU (91.7 FM).


B.  GHOSTHUNTERS ˜ John Kachuba.  Booksigning follows.  (Room 110)


Over the last three years, writer and ghosthunter John Kachuba has investigated over 75 haunted locations throughout the country. Sometimes working solo, sometimes teaming up with local paranormal investigators, John has explored various methods of ghosthunting, with often surprising results.

He shares with us some of his favorite haunts, many of which are featured in his new book, Ghosthunters: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers and Other Investigators of America's Paranormal World coming out in August by New Page Books.  He lives in Athens, Ohio where he teaches writing at Ohio University.


C.  ENERGY MEDICINE:  Using The Body’s Energy Fields To Determine Which Modalities, Diets & Supplements Are Right For You ˜ Dr. Cheri Holloway.  (Room 108)


There is a highway of information regarding treatment and cures for health problems.  Where do you turn and how do you decide which ones are for you?  It's one thing to alleviate a symptom; it's another to correct the cause.  A diagnosis is just an educated guess.... it does not necessarily mean you really have that disease.  Your body has the answer to every question you could possibly ask!  It also knows what needs correction and the exact order it should be corrected in.  With the right tools and information, you can learn to listen to your body and attain good health.  Come see what Energy Medicine is and what it can do for you!


D.  EXPERIENCE THE ZEN OF TEA ˜ Connie Miller.  (Room 107)


Join Connie in a Tea Meditation and learn about the experience of tea and its healing properties.  Get an overview of the many varieties of teas, their antioxidant levels and other benefits.  Learn how to purchase, store, brew, and experience the Zen of Tea.


4pm Sat.




B.  SINGING IN SACRED CIRCLE ˜ Shelley Graff & Friends.  (Room 110)


Share voice and spirit through song.  While learning short, repetitive women-centered and earth-based songs from a variety of traditions, power rises from the center of the circle as all voices create an energy that is both empowering and healing. This opportunity is intended to allow folks, regardless of singing experience, to share their voices in a noncompetitive, relaxed, safe space.  Come sing along!  (Please bring water.  Percussion instruments are welcome as well.)


Shelley’s newest CD, Fire On The Arrow, was inspired by and is a tribute to the healing/sounding work of the living spirit of the late Kay Gardner.  


C.  HEALING WITH CRYSTALS ˜ Mary Lou Kohl.  (Room 106)


Learn how crystals can help us emotionally, physically and spiritually.  A great workshop for beginners!


D.  SPIRITUAL ART WORKSHOP – RECEIVE AN AFFIRMATION FROM YOUR GUIDES ˜ Tiffany Wall & Tammy Hart.  Art materials provided.  (Room 107)


Receive a message from your guides and create your own Affirmation Card, bringing your dreams into sharper focus during the process.  Supplies provided.


Tiffany Wall and Tammy Hart are intuitive sisters who teach how creating spiritual art heals the soul, quiets the mind, and awakens the spirit within.


5pm Sat.


A.  Prana:  Energy for Health and Healing ˜ Sybil Baker, RN, MS, LMT, CPHI.  (Room 110)


Pranic Healingsm is a simple and effective energy healing technique which works on the principles that the body can heal itself and that the healing process can be accelerated by increasing the life force or vital energy in the body.  “Prana” is a Sanskrit word that means “life-force”.


This introductory presentation includes a video clip of a master eastern healer and a western medical doctor both practicing Pranic Healingsm in their own settings.  There will also be a demonstration of the technique. 


Sybil Baker has been practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years.  She has been coordinating classes for Pranic Healing® in Ohio since 1998 and teaching Pranic Healing® since 1999. Additionally, her 20 years experience at the Ohio State University Hospitals in Columbus, OH gives her a broad theoretical knowledge of the workings of the human body.


B.  VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE ˜ Lara Radkey.  (Room 107)


Also known as distance, energy or spiritual healing, vibrational medicine utilizes many complementary modalities which will be discussed in this workshop.


C.  PALMISTRY ˜ Heidi Elizabeth Kent.  (Room 106)


Use the lines in your hand to change your life.  Gain a basic understanding of the hand and how to use the lines from a Master Palmist.


D.  GENTLE JOURNEY – GUIDED MEDITATION ˜ Storm Kuhn.  (Room 108)  


Storm is a Healing Coach, Seer, Psychic and Medium, Crafter and Musician. Originally from Canada, she has made her home in Michigan, bringing with her generations of wisdom handed down to her through oral traditions and formal education. Storm is a Licensed Practical Nurse, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Social Service Worker, Licensed Minister, Reiki Master, Craniosacral Practitioner, and works with a wide variety of Spirit and Energy Forms both here on this plane and in other worlds.





11am Sun.      


A.  BUDDHIST “KA GOK” HEALING  ˜ Tibetan Monks of the Dagom Gaden Tensung Ling (DGTL) Buddhist Monastery.  (Room 108)


This special healing dispels spiritual, physical and mental obstacles.  Donation ($10 suggested). 




Explore practices for moving into harmony and alignment with the Divine in order to facilitate the manifestation of your dreams.


Mary has studied with Wisdom Keepers of many traditions.  She utilizes the lessons of the Medicine Wheel and gifts of nature to guide her daily walk.  She is a Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher and a certified intuitive healer through the Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing. 




Initiated into The Order of the Golden Robe in 2005 by the Ascended Masters to be a World Teacher, Cynthia was commissioned to teach The New Joy System, which is a class on the transformation and transmutation of karma.  Learn to incorporate simple techniques to transform your life by eliminating your karma from your present and past lifetimes, in between lifetimes, and your subconscious memories, which remain with you throughout all of your lifetimes.  Rediscover your joy!




A.  “ASK A MEDIUM” WITH REV. ROSE VANDEN EYNDEN ˜ Includes spirit messages.  Booksigning follows.  (Room 110)


Author of So You Want to be a Medium? A Down to Earth Guide. 


Reverend Rose Vanden Eynden started studying mediumship in 1997 and in 2000 became a certified medium with the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield and an ordained Spiritualist minister with the United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church in Cincinnati.  She is a founding member of the U.S.C.L. and now serves as their Director of Education, designing, implementing, and teaching their Mediumship Training Program.  Her first book, So You Want to be a Medium? A Down to Earth Guide, was published by Llewellyn Worldwide and is available in all major bookstores. She maintains a private consultation and massage therapy practice in Blue Ash, Ohio.


B.  NATURAL TIME & INTUITION:  THE VOID OF COURSE MOON & MERCURY RETROGRADE CYCLES ˜ Samten Williams, BSN, RN, LMT.  Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts.  (Room 106)


Samten Williams is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  She brings 30 years experience in holistic nursing and over 35 years experience in the study and practice of Eastern metaphysics. Samten works with individuals, families and groups to facilitate greater alignment with the natural world as a source of support in these remarkable times.  She has authored the booklet, 50 Practical Tips for Trusting Intuition, and the first-ever continuing education course for nurses, Reclaiming Astrology as a Relevant Tool for Holistic Nurses, approved by the American Holistic Nurses’ Association.  Samten and her work are featured in The New Healers by Barbara Barnum, R.N., PhD.  She is a member of the collective at the Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts in Blue Ash,




What is a deathbed vision, what are the three types, and under what circumstances can they occur?  The workshop will address how deathbed visions are differentiated from hallucinations, what spiritual messages are being imparted in the visions, and the ways in which they can serve as valid proof of life after death.


Mary Anne is author of Nearing Death Awareness, a certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist with an emphasis on past-life regressions and a Reiki Master.


D.  MEET YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL & GET GUIDANCE FROM ABOVE! (Part 2) ˜ Rev. Sarah Schweitzer, Ph.D.  (Room 108)


Learn about your personal guardian angels and how to communicate with them.  Meet your personal Guardian Angel.  Attendees will receive a mini message or an identification touch-in.


1pm Sun.


Music Stage ˜ Healing Mantra Chant By The Buddhist Monks.


A.  MY WORK AS A POLICE PSYCHIC ˜ Carole Kennedy, author of Blood Innocence.  Booksigning follows.  (Room 110)


Carole Kennedy has over 20 years experience as an intuitive counselor and is endowed with an impressive understanding of humanity's strengths and frailties. She has drawn on all of this knowledge and talent to create a gripping story plucked from the headlines in which she actually participated. Carole's first book, Psychic: Awakening the Power Within You, was published in October 1988 and still available at

B.  WHY REIKI & HEALING TOUCH FOR ME ˜ Lana Bettencourt.  (Room 106)


Rev. Lana Bettencourt’s life calling is healing and teaching.  In 1999, using Reiki, a friend healed Lana of a parasite that had been making her extremely ill.  Inspired by this experience, she began to study Reiki and healing on her own.  In 2004, prayer and Reiki helped heal her husband after doctors had declared he would not make it through his illness.  In 2006, a terminal cancer patient came to her for healing, and the cancer was completely eliminated from her body.  Other patients in 2006 experienced similarly successful outcomes.  Learn what these powerful healing techniques can do for you!


C.  BEND SPOONS WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND! ˜ Don Frye (1HR, $10).  Utensils included.  (Room 107)


In this workshop you will learn how to use the power of your mind to alter and bend silverware.  Each person will be shown how to focus their mind and intention in such a way as to alter the physical characteristics of common household silverware.  Based on our experience, at least 70% of the people who take this workshop will bend their silverware with this technique while in the workshop.  Once grasped, this technique may be used to alter the physical characteristics of common objects and more importantly to alter the course of one's own life.


In addition to being a certified Quantum Touch Instructor and Practitioner, Don is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Meridian Therapy instructor, and Qigong teacher.  He offers private and distant healing sessions, group seminars and workshops in Quantum Touch, Reiki and Meridian Therapy.  He also teaches classes in Qigong and offers advanced training classes for Energetic Healers.  His current writing projects include an eBook entitled “The Art of Healing: Spiritual Practices In a Modern World” and “The Usui Reiki Manual – A Classroom Guide”.


D.  EXPLORING THE AKASHIC RECORDS ˜ Tammi Rager.  (Room 108)


Known by many names:  Book of Life, Record of the Soul, Library of Souls… the Akashic Records are a storehouse of information for every individual that has ever lived.  By entering the Records, you can learn more about your life… your purpose in life… your spiritual path… your karma… your past lives and more.  Discover the wisdom of your soul.  Includes mini-messages from the Akashic Records for audience members.


Tammi Rager is a life-long student of life, metaphysics and holistic thought with almost 30 years of study and research.  While best known for her Numerology work, she is an experienced intuitive reader with over 15+ years of professional experience and an international client base.  Tammi is also the Publisher/Executive Editor of DreamWeaver Magazine.,


2pm Sun.


Music Stage – Dancing The Tarot.  Dancers bring 3 tarot cards to life through dance.


A.  ASK A PSYCHIC ˜ Victor Paruta.  Includes mini-readings for members of the audience. (Room 110)


Victor is one of Cincinnati’s most trusted psychics and founder of the Victory of Light Psychic Festival.  His column “Journeys” appears in Promise Magazine.  Victor teaches classes in psychic development at Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center in Covington, KY.  His five-class Past Lives Intensive begins June 12.


B.  REALIZING YOUR SOUL’S HIGHEST POTENTIAL ˜ Karon Korp, author of The 12 Keys.  Booksigning follows.  (Room 107)


2007 is a year of spiritual harvest…. and reaping the fruits of seeds that have been sown. Take heart!

The time we have been waiting for is upon us, and we now have the opportunity to live our lives from a place of creative mastery.  Build a foundation of powerful change and revelation in your life as nationally known speaker Karon Korp brings you to the realization of your soul’s highest potential.


C.  SACRED SEX:  INVITATION TO PASSION ˜ Renee Ruble.  (Room 108)


An adults only class for couples and singles.  Learn to cultivate the essence of love in you, through you, from you to your lover, your beloved and humankind.  Sacred Sex is a lifestyle that brings the beloveds into true sacred intimacy through body, mind, heart, intuition, trust and passion.  This is not Tantra, but a holistic approach to living and loving in a higher way.  Learn special body techniques and sacred body postures. 


Ren’ee is a spiritual counselor, shaman, reiki master, psychic medium, reflexologist and co-pastor of the Universal Temple of Truth.




If you enjoy reading about intuitive & psychic development and would like to begin harnessing and improving your skills, this is the workshop for you!  Join Chad in this upbeat and fun class as he presents keys to developing your intuition and gives participants the opportunity to work with one another to enhance their abilities.


3pm Sun.


A.  MEDIUMSHIP – TALKING WITH DEAD FOLK ˜ Rev. Christine Sabick & Deborah Williams.  (Room 110)  


Learn the fundamentals of mediumship and receive messages from loved ones.,


B.  AROMATHERAPY MADE EASY ˜ George Cox.  (Room 106)


The goal of this hands-on presentation is to simplify aromatherapy.  Attendees will experience 17 essential oils.  We will discuss the oils’ uses and how to easily and effectively incorporate them into your life.  We will also talk about basic blending & precautions.  Ways to help issues from burns to fibromyalgia to arthritis to psoriasis to migraines & much more will also be covered.


George Cox has been working with essential oils professionally for 11 years, including developing and opening an educational company to teach aromatherapy.  He is a member of N.A.H.A., the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.  This is the premier national credentialing organization in the U.S.  His seminars have been accredited by the National Certification Board, the Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals, and the State of Ohio Cosmetic Board for Manicurists and Beauticians.


C.  SACRED GEOMETRY ˜ Aaron Pyne.  (Room 108)


Learn about this ancient practice of shapes, patterns, and numbers and how they can be used as tools for spiritual growth.  This practice has been used for centuries in sacred architecture, sacred art, and meditation.  These sacred shapes are found throughout the natural world and throughout the inner worlds.  By becoming aware of these patterns one can begin to see the divinity within all things, including one’s self.




At the heart of the tarot is a story of ancient wisdom that describes the archetypal journey of the soul’s evolution. It is the essential myth of enlightenment, apotheosis, and self- realization, and a map of the treasures, challenges and milestones along the way.  Understanding this underlying story of the Major Arcana, is the key to reading the Tarot.


Lisa Kallman is an artist whose work draws on the metaphysical traditions and processes of alchemical transformation, dream work, and ritual. She is a practitioner of conscious dream work rooted in Jungian studies and the traditions of indigenous dreaming cultures.  With a background in the art history of the ancient world, a master’s degree in the fine arts,  advanced training with internationally known dream worker and author, Robert Moss, and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, she has presented lectures at the Union Institute on issues of creativity and healing, and taught art at the Baker-Hunt Art and Cultural Center. A tarot reader and teacher, she is available for presentations, private and communal dream consultations, and tarot readings. 


4pm Sun.






Come experience this simple yet powerful tool and learn how it can work for you.  In minutes you will feel the energy of "The Drum" and it's power to help you heal and feel uplifted, happy and energized.


Bob used New Age modalities and the healing drum to bring cancer into total remission.  He studies with Master Drummer Toby Christensen.




D.  PSYCHIC TALK – HOW YOU RECEIVE YOUR PSYCHIC INFORMATION ˜ Francine Haydon, Pat Garry, Cherie Kosse.  (Room 106)


Everyone is psychic – believe it!  You just need to understand how you receive information from your guides, angels and spirits.  Do you see it (visions/dreams), hear it (audio/voices), feel it (physical sensations) or know it (intuition)?  Through practice exercises, you’ll learn various techniques to help you decipher the messages you’ve been getting all along.  Based on Pete Sanders, Jr.’s book You are Psychic.

Reverend Francine Haydon, “Silverwolf Woman” is a featured author in Promise Magazine, Whole Living Journal and Cincinnati Woman Magazine and is on the Board of FourWinds Academy of Healing Arts & Sciences.  Her major gifts are intuitive Tarot and palm reading, Reiki, Kolaimni and crystal energy healing.,

Patricia Garry is a spiritual teacher, writer and healer who also is the executive director of a community development non-profit organization.

Cherie Haydon Kosse is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Master of Crystology (Melody Levels I & II) and a certified ghost-hunter.  She loves to work with her mother, Francine Haydon, doing energy work, using Reiki and crystology strengthened with the mother-daughter bond.

5pm Sun.




B.  UNFOLDING SPIRITUALITY THROUGH SOUND ˜ Harpist Sammie Thompson, Music Lady.  (Room 107)


C.  EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique ˜ Mim Grace Gieser.  (Room 106)


Learn and experience EFT, a way of self-tapping on the head and chest acupuncture points to bring rapid, gentle and long-term relief to emotional and physical issues.  It often works when nothing else will.


Mim Grace Gieser is an EFT practitioner who trained with Gary Craig, the founder of EFT.  She has had success in working with people with fears and phobias, physical pain, self-confidence issues, and with increasing sports performance.     


Music Stage all weekend ˜ Mark Kenworthy, keyboards.



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